I really want to learn to pass it, but do not know how to do, after the former crooked pass

Don’t spray the conquest, the bullet is still 37 to the sun.. (scared me) has a bullet in the tire….

I just started to do, there are still some congenital conditions, such as the palm to turn out to be fast and easy, but far difficult, need to hand arm and will use the core driving force.

Don’t move your wrist finger, arm first, accuracy is behind the practice of practice, it is the son of pinball, talent.

The arm must be super powerful like a baseball pitcher, but a little stronger. Throw the ball 15 yards distance limit (I wipe girls than I throw away)

The rotation was okay, but the difference is more than Pinball anyway, your friends and have fun, not professional

Does baseball throw? Fully open chest, elbow abduction, micro turn waist, draw full (similar to nfl jerseys china badminton racket swing, and then complete the coherence requirements) “closed recycling” force, intensity and angle to determine the speed and distance……

Lower support is the core force of the support point of an engine! Feel the support legs slightly bent, support, coherence and other force to kick and upper coherence.