NFL in recent years in London, the team after the game to lose the traditional cleaning team continues to continue.

Indianapolis pony League thirtieth of the defensive team has two players lost the job.

He announced that cut cornerback Antonio grams of Rome pedicle and inside linebacker Moore sai’ao.

Cromartie was signed under pony emergency at the end of August, when the team starting cornerback Feng Tai Davies and Patrick Robinson are injured.

The 32 year old Cromartie in the London Games to the Jacksonville jaguars, the second half was demoted on the bench, he had let the opponent star wide receiver Alan Robinson won the ball up front. Davies and Robinson are back in the team and groove cornerback Darius Butler will return, Rome is not essential the pedicle of G.

Moore in September last year through the transaction from the Oakland Raiders came to the pony. He and Mcnally – Antonio and rookie Morrison – Josh rotation as veteran de Jackson – on the other side of the first. His performance in the anti Chuan bad, often let the defensive road reveal great opponents using neutral.

The team’s key players were cut off in the week of the game is rarely a good thing. But in this matter, it means that the pony finally has a better choice in the bad defensive group.