Magnolia, deciduous Inspirational broncos trees, with large home jerseys color 2016 essay leaves in shade, because the flower is big and beautiful, with medicinal value and rare. It’s red seeds, is also very beautiful, often hunting birds to go hunting, they become the food of love. A person, know the medicinal value of Magnolia officinalis, so want to grow rich magnolia. To this end, he came to the wild, to find the wild thick Pu Shu. In fruit mature period, he chose to pick out strong trees, full grain, no pest seeds, planted in the fertile land. After that, he was full of confidence to wait for seed germination, unearthed, grow up.

However, the seed of almost most did not survive, The whole army was wiped out., even no germination.

He doubts those birds to eat into the stomach, and excretion of the seeds, nobody nobody asked can germinate survived, I choose the most excellent seeds of is the most careful management, how do not germinate?

Experts told him that the seeds of Magnolia and hard shell, with a layer of wax, so it is not easy to germinate. Is the bird eat seeds, because after the bird’s digestive tract wax off, shell softening, germ jerseys from china is easy to drill out.

He understood that the artificial way, simply break the seed shell, then seed. The result, he cultivated Magnolia get a big harvest, has received very high economic benefits.

There are times when the factors that bind us are not from others, but ourselves. As the seeds of Magnolia officinalis, only by eliminating the hard shell, in order to take root and grow.

The accumulation of quantity and the leap of quality

Success does not come, like boiling water, 99 DEG and 100 DEG C hot water boiling water is not the same.

I would love to say a word, the water did not open, not too cold, but not to. No success, it must be the amount of accumulation is not enough.

Success is made up of one small thing, one by one, and then one by one. If you can hold all of these details, people can succeed,cheap football jerseys if you do not pay attention to the accumulation of detail, but to succeed, it is day dreaming.

Success is not accidental, it is necessary to work hard, no amount of change which has a qualitative leap?

So, don’t ignore a little bit of progress every day, every day is accumulated from quantitative to qualitative watershed. If we have good every day, to keep the common heart, overcome the impetuous heart, a little bit of progress every day, every time a bit of effort, you will succeed.

Be patient, have faith, and largest discount jerseys be able to stand. Form persist for a long time, it will become part of the content. For example, the way you live, the way you live is the kind of person you are.

Failure is a special case, it can fail to enough times, most people will think of your success, and God will give you a “successful” opportunity, let you comeback.

Increase your volume, no matter what, there will be a qualitative leap, then the feeling will be beautiful!

To the north, to the south pole, the world is so wonderful.

“You don’t try, how do you know”

Someone asked me, how do you find a job, how do you apply for the school, how do you get scholarship, how to make friends, how to love. So many questions, I can’t answer one by one. Maybe I’m just like you, just a traveler on the road of life. But one thing, I will not ask, I go back to find their own answers. Wrong, afraid of what. Because young, I have the time and time to make mistakes again, when chewing the wound, that will do better next time.

I never believe in idols, others can only learn from experience, can not copy.

A man came to Shenzhen with a bag on his back, and I knew I had nothing to do.