That year, Robert Inspirational buffalo bills jerseys confidently came to New amazon around the corner York for a nightclub, he grew up with his mother and Martha Gelisi vocal learning, coupled with the unique noise, the lead singer in a small nightclub, should be more than sufficient. In accordance with the recruitment requirements, each applicant must sing a song, although Robert on his own singing skills without fear, but he still carefully prepared a lot, after all, this is the beginning of his occupation career, and he also rely on the work of life.

Yet that day, Robert’s performance is pretty good, though not to the perfect degree, but compared with other applicants, the superiority is very obvious. The examiner is very pleased with the plan to hire him immediately, however, the director of the show had the default choice, but it is against other persons. For this unfair competition, Robert was very angry, he found the program director theory, to tell him a reason not to hire him. The program director said contemptuously: “young man, I am not in the mood to explain to you, how well you sing well, our temple is small, can not tolerate you this great Bodhisattva, you have the ability to go to the metropolitan opera!”

The Metropolitan Opera is a leading world-class opera, founded in 1880, is the core part of jerseys factory supply the New York Lincoln Center for the performing arts, classical and modern financial integration, large scale, talented people, is all musicians who dream. Of course, the director of the program is only a satire on Robert, he does not think that Robert has this potential.

The first job was such a shame, Robert extremely depressed, he even thought of giving up. However, he has always been strong and optimistic he quickly calmed down, he decided to take this lesson as an episode in life. He thought that the director of the program was right, why waste his youth in a small place like a nightclub? He is an eagle, to higher and farther goal: the metropolitan opera.

After more than a year of hard work, Robert with his lofty ideals and high aspirations to the metropolitan opera. This time, his performance was very successful and won the praise of the judges. He became a successful entertainer of the Metropolitan Opera house. In 1945, Robert won the Metropolitan Opera radio singing competition award, the same year he was invited to play “La Traviata” in baritone lead, then he played matador, Valentin, Enrico, Le Figaro, Rigoletto, Rodrigo, Oscar Pia, and other actors can, become one of the Metropolitan Opera’s most popular actor. (Robert) then the footprint throughout Europe and the United States, he touched the hearts of the audience of hundreds of millions of rich voice, sincere to smooth and vivid feelings, to become America’s most famous baritone.

I remember that the past, Robert always said excitedly, thanks to the refuse, otherwise, the Metropolitan Opera door will never open for me, perhaps I am still a little-known nightclub singer, with a few hundred dollars monthly salary.

Some people say, God closes a door, often open a window for you. When we encounter setbacks, we must never give up, because of the success in the corner, lost a chance, have a greater chance of waiting in front of you.

Who was the winner of the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and his award-winning “fool” smart was completed in 1969.

Why is it so long before jerseys online his work wins? Because tour was completed in 1969 his only novel “fool” alliance around after submission, but always be returned again and again, after a series of rejection, tours of despair at the age of 32 commit suicide, abandoned his pursuit.

However, he more than and 70 year old mother after his death, but I still believe that his son is a genius, constantly holding a “fool” smart and press contact, hoping to find the horses, although has been facing rejection and rejection of fate, but still do not change her beliefs.

In continuous eight or nine publishers refused, finally to be appreciated by the famous novelist Lewis Anna and introduced to the press, published in 1980.

A novel published caused a sensation, and won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in the next year, and the tour is undoubtedly the highest honor and recognition.

There is no such thing as a successful person who can give up success and can’t hold on to success. How many people give up hope in the success and only separated by a wall, sat watching the sunset not aggressive! He felt that experienced too much pain, he thought he had thought that success will never come to the end of hills and rivers, and his success on the eve of a failure of the attitude did not fall, he chose to accept the consequences of failure and give up the hope of success.