A businessman Inspirational get cheap authentic in crossing a nfl jerseys inspiration of torch mountain, encountered a highway robbery bandits. The merchant immediately fled, but the mountain bandits chase, when cornered, businessman into a cave, cave in mountain bandits chase. In the depths of the cave, the merchant could not escape the pursuit of mountain bandits,

In the darkness, he was bandits arrested, beaten by a meal, all the money on the body, including a preparation for the night lighting of the torch, was carried off by mountain bandits, bandits fortunately did not want to kill him. After two people each find the exit of the hole, the cave is extremely extremely deep black, and there is a hole in the hole, arranged in a crisscross pattern.

The bandits will rush to the torch, he can see the foot of the stone, can see the cliffs around, so he won’t be rebuffed, but will not be stone tripped, he walked up and down, is to walk out of the nike nfl jerseys top quality hole, he eventually die of exhaustion. () businessman lost torches, no lighting, he groped in the darkness of walking is very hard, he often punctuated by stone wall, stumble, fall badly battered, but because he was in darkness, so his eyes can be keenly felt in the hole in the light, he caught it glimmer of groping crawl, finally escaped from the cave.

Life philosophy:

Most of this world, many people in the dark, stumbling, and ultimately to the success; while others are often lost in front of the light direction, and no life success. The key is not whether or not to possess a torch, but to hold the torch’s attitude, belief and way of thinking.

A native of Beijing Chinese students just to Australia, in order to find a job, riding an old bike along the road around Australia for several days, like sheep, grass and crops, the dishes — for a meal, he will temporarily stop and exhaustion. One day, working in a restaurant in Chinatown, he saw the newspaper published a recruitment announcement of Telstra Corporation Ltd, students worried that your English is not authentic, professional counterparts, on the choice of the line monitoring of position to apply. Over five off will be six, see he will get the salary of the position of the year, and don’t want to recruit the director but unexpectedly asked him: “do you have a car?” ” We often go out of the job, no car can’t do anything cheap price for nfl jerseys.” Australian citizens generally have a private car, no car can be the combination of stars, the students first is no car. In order to strive for this very attractive job, he replied: “without thinking! Would!” “Four days later, you drove your car to work.” Supervisor said.

Four days to learn to drive a car, but easier said than done, in order to survive, students with nothing to lose. He borrowed $500 from a Chinese friend who bought an ugly “beetle” from the old market”. () the first day of his friends to learn the simple driving technology; second days in a piece of lawn behind his friend groping practice; third days waiwaixiexie drove on the highway; the fourth day he drove to the company to. Today, he is the head of the Australian telecommunications business.

How the student’s professional level, we do not know, but we really admire his courage. If he was overcautious to dare to challenge themselves, there will never be a brilliant today. At that moment, he decisively cut off their retreat, which let themselves in the fate of the cliff. It is no retreat facing this situation, people will focus on moving forward, achieves the life of their own position.

Life philosophy:

Give yourself a piece of there is no way out of the cliff, in a sense, but also give yourself a chance to charge high life.