An old man will Inspirational sales for die soon, his 3 sons cheap nfl jerseys of arrows summoned to the bedside and said: “my dear child, you can put the bundle of arrows, I want to talk to you about them together what is the reason.”

The eldest son picked up the bundle of arrows, tried with all his might have broken: “give it to the strong person.” He gave the arrow to the second child. Two sons and then hard to break, but also wasted effort. The little boy wanted to try it, but it was nothing but a bundle of arrows that didn’t break.

“No man,” said the father, “look at your father’s strength” The 3 son thought his father are joking, but only smiled but did not reply, they misunderstand. The old man opened the bundle of arrows and made no effort to break it. “You see,” he continued, “that’s the power of unity. Children, unite with you, and turn your love into a rope. In this way, no one, no difficulty can not beat you.” This is the most time during his illness.

After that, the old man felt he would pass away, the children said: “children, remember my words, you should always united, before his death, I want to get your vows.” 3 sons all jerseys nfl Free Shipping into tears, they promised to take him at his word. Father closed his eyes with satisfaction.

When the three brothers to clean up his father’s belongings, found his father left a huge fortune, but there are many problems left, there is a debt of the main seizure of property, but also because of their neighbors and the land to fight them.

At first, the three brothers were able to deal with the problem. But the Brotherhood was so short, that it had a common blood, but their own interests made them separate. () desire, jealousy and legal problems of the three brothers, they quarrel with the separation, the judge had many things to them a lesson to punishment.

Creditors and neighbors to overturn a wrong judgment to the prosecution, the other is not due to the previous litigation formalities and appeal. Don’t hang brothers differences within the larger, each bad, finally they lost all the money. When I think of bundle and be disassembled arrow and his father’s teachings together, they are too late for regrets.

Life philosophy:

Solidarity, infinite strength, can’t be overcome; and to everything, so will decline to internal friction; family, country and so.

This is a little story. Mencius poor childhood home, home only a few acres of field, the public should be Mencius induced father three years old when he went out to make a living, then no audio, home by mother Zhang’s spinning weaving life. Mencius home is a small village in Shandong province today Zouxian village, outside the village is not far from a cemetery, the total jerseys factory nfl supply funeral funeral people there beating drums and blowing trumpets. Mencius studious, after looking back at Dafan funeral, funeral worship. She is very concerned, children learn these things, how the future got? Then decided to move to Mencius for an environment.

Meng Jiaqian to Miao Hu Ying, here is a big store, mother’s intent is to let Mencius how some knowledge, broaden their horizons. But here ten days to catch a C market, noisy abnormal. Mencius was jubilant, look back with a stick not pick two stone, selling vegetables, is made of wood knife bibihuahua, pig. The mother feel not advised, ’tis, so how to do it? So he decided to move again.

This time the Meng family moved to our canal bank, next door is a school, surrounded by reading people. Mencius people who go to school every day to see the elegant demeanor, liberal and dignified, but also learn to read Yan Li Meng, this will lay down their hearts. It is this story.

Meng Zi is very clever, after school will learn anything, it will slowly feel that the class is really no fun. Once a Mencius hidebound three days did not go to school, go out in the morning to go to school that afternoon, she thought he was home on time, three days to go to school, school teachers do not worry, sent to Mencius home inquiry, see Mencius is not the case. At this time the mother didn’t know son playing hooky. Mencius came back in the afternoon, the mother asked him where to go? Meng Zi replied to go to school. The mother was furious, picked up the scissors put on the loom warp loom to cut qi. This Mencius afraid, because the only source of their livelihood is mother cloth. She will let him loose ends are connected, hundreds of warp full cut, where also catch on. She then put the truth out of reading and weaving as Chan, not cut, cut it out of place. Even if it can continue, but the weaving is full of knots, there are people who want to buy it? You play truant, wasted time, how to learn the ability to bring peace and stability to the country? Don’t you go to the old ancestor Meng Xizi, fathers face, smear. Mencius. Meng Xizi served as Lu Sagong, once with Duke Zhao of Chu to visit. The students in the country held a grand welcoming ceremony, I do not know how to Xizi Meng Yan Li, have neither learning nor skill, anxious sweating profusely, his disgrace not to Lu also opened the black. After the emperor Mencius to worship Confucius as a teacher, becoming the seventy-two xian. Mencius realized that his own life, he determined to study hard, and finally become a moral and a sage.