The company had a woman, It is a right decision for a fitness freak. I came to the company to buy work before, with her chair, put his chair to me to sit, then from the table under the belly out of a Kids Buffalo Bills Jerseys pink yoga ball, calmly sitting on top. My jaw dropped, she gracefully waved his hand, “OK, take this helps to exercise lumbar muscle strength, but the posture must be correct.”

One day, we lined up hot meals, she yiyanbuge her legs to half the height of the water table, the authentic kids steelers jerseys word horse live performances. The weather is good, she will put Yoga scapegoat into the roof of the platform at noon, then watch the ebook supporting plate…… We have a chat, she said she had Kids Buffalo Bills Jerseys just given birth to a child, his body is. Out of the lactation period, with her husband bet, to see their own a month can not lose 10 pounds of meat. The results did not lose, “money” by her husband. Although she meat, but that a month to the good habits of fitness training, and fell in love with fitness.

One day at the lunch break, she taught me some simple and easy to learn and exercise in the office. The dumbbell started two small, I took the catch two laps, simple. She seemed to see through my mind, you look at the variety side of the circle, ten groups, each doing ten groups, adhere to a month, the butterfly must have changed the sleeve.” Then she went to the foot of the wall, along the wall to slide down, tie a horse against the wall, holding a book, leisurely look. I came to learn her, not count to ten seconds, direct leg a Kids Buffalo Bills Jerseys soft squat down on the ground. She smiled at me, “fitness habits gradually develop gradually, your body control force will step by step to strengthen. Originally, many do not come out, suddenly one day can do, can control the body feel particularly good, this ratio cut the number of pounds of meat, there is no vest line also make people happy, this is the magic of fitness.”

She told me: through unremitting efforts, the body has a certain control, is a very happy thing. I have a cheap nike nfl jerseys writer friend, his thirty years of life, enough to write a novel. Now is on the line but essayist, just graduated from junior high school. He said that because his family was poor, 14 year old carried a quilt to the site to do small, push dumpers, begin to Kids Buffalo Bills Jerseys move brick. Looking at the floor of the shed between the sun, the heart that this should not be his life. Holding the first month’s salary, he sat up to the night market tricycle, bought a set of four names, plus a new Xinhua dictionary.

Every day, others melon seeds, landlords, see square dance, he will nest in the shed, a light point in the old yard, he did not know what they were doing, feel happy when holding the book; do not know how to grow up, but believe they will not stay in the dust flying site on. He has been wandering in more than a dozen cities, has not lost, is that the Xinhua dictionary. Many of the books he had read from to establish the system; read hastily and without thinking, from imitating famous writing, to reconcile their breath in words alone into the school, for a period of 10 years, 10 years later, he maintained a year out of the two books of rhythm.

The only times of adversity, do not relax a little bit of hard life, to enhance their strength, so, face the storms of life, can control a little bit. The path of life needs to be planned, but it is not necessary to plan too much. Others take a strong growing strength, excellent insight, heart – you are, and calm in time. I believe that there is no way to go. If you can not see the goal of the dream, big, and then take the two step.