Recently, I have a good friend it is bears nike limited jerseys of the to choose the way to go army, and I talked about some of the “choice” of the topic. Things like this, the bank where he had a chance to recent technical jobs, he wanted to try, but he has done two years of business, on the one hand a lot of waste technology, on the other hand, he did not want to do business with the accumulation of resources so white abandoned. So, he felt very troubled also very confused, recently hung up, do not know how to choose.

Can not remember where I have seen such a sentence: people only in the case of the election, will feel confused and confused, if only one choice, can only be hard to do, but not so tangled.

Vice president of Tsinghua University Shi Yigong has said: “some people in the face of confusion, always think I want to get lost, to solve all problems to clear to take the next step, so I’m not recognized. I recognize a point: do not give their own reasons! When you feel the lack of interest and confidence, not out of things at home, to overcome the psychological shadow, when faced with the pain ahead, regardless of family, personal life, hobbies and other aspects of what the situation, you should go all out, should handle their cheap jerseys onlin own lives, go forward. Don’t give yourself a reason. Because once you left behind, your mind will change, it is difficult to correct attitude.”

So, instead of hesitation and wandering, it is better to make a decision, and then try to. So, I said with the army, when you are confused, do not know how to choose, it is difficult to choose the road to go.

I believe that a lot of people have experienced this confused time. Our confusion can be divided into two categories: first, there is no direction, is really lost; the second is standing at the crossroads, do not know how to choose.

If you are confused, was the first one, that is because of the lack of goals and ideals, I in the previous article has talked a lot, here no longer. This confusion is not related to the so-called difficult and easy, in this case, you should stop to think about what they want to pursue, identify their own direction, and then go to work hard to achieve.

If you are confused by the second, it is the left or right. In fact, no one knows that the road will be more easy, or which will be better choice in the future. People always want to do what is best for them, but what is the best choice? No one can guarantee that only the future look.

However, people are inclined to go, a lot of people in order Wholesale jerseys authentic to avoid short-term pain in the eyes, after long-term pain, also some people for a little immediate interests at the expense of long-term interests. Just like the movie “scent of a woman”, Al Pacino said: “I know what is right, every step in life, I know; but every time I went to the opposite, why? Because the mother is too bitter.” Yes, life is bitter, but in the face of difficulties and problems, always want to solve the choice of nothing more than two, or now to face it, or to escape, but later still have to go. And the courage to choose the difficult path is not only the performance of courage, but also a reasonable trade-off.

Life is your own choice and the results of your efforts, if you choose the road easily, then you only deserve to have you currently have life and everything, because you are suffering even do not want to eat, what to complain about?

With the army in the process of chatting, I also think back to read so many years, those I face the moment of choice. Now looking back, I am very glad that every time in the face of choice, he did not choose the easy way.

The first time facing the choice of high school choice.

At that time many people are choosing a high school in the town, because close jerseys china factory to home, the parents said so easy, can live at home, even if the school can often go home, so that you can fully enjoy the care from family. However, I did not, I chose a private school in the city, because my heart is longing for a wider world, I would like to experience a broader stage. I have always believed in the “reading thousands of books, hangwanlilu” this sentence, her home, if indulged in front of a comfortable and comfortable, how can you go?

The second time in the face of choice is to lose after the college entrance examination.

The first college entrance examination, I test is not ideal, only two of the results, with jerseys supply center errors are unable to explain, it may be the problem of mind. A lot of people to comfort me that you just mistakes, also tried, may be bad luck, or this is fate, fate. Relatives and friends also said, or will do, read an ordinary two, to the University and then work hard. Also some of the examination of the students said that the poor, high school so bitter, I do not want to re do it again, how good the University, do not have to get up late to study, we still have to go to the university to enjoy a better life!

However, I firmly choose to repeat, is a strength of their self-confidence is two, I don’t want to do, but do not want to accept. So, when many students are around to enjoy the beautiful university, I took five to twelve learning, that year how hard the heart is lonely, repeat the people