I went to Kunming a It is better broncos few years ago limited nike jerseys to talk big. One afternoon, I received a strange number of sent messages, each claiming to be my watch, after a greeting, ask me why. I am happy who never give me a message, I have to find something for my mom to convey my rot Er Moss sixth sense told me: This is fraud, liar careful.

I didn’t pay attention to the text message. In the evening, I received the same message from the same number. At the time I was with the new friends to chat, he ignores good spirits, a liar, he replied: idiot, hello.

The phone rang right away. It was just the number. After a moment of hesitation, I picked up. I haven’t had time to say “hello”, just listen to the other side said: Mao Lu, you are not sent the wrong message?

I was in a cold sweat.

Chatted for a long time, I finally remembered that I had a distant happy living in Kunming,all style jerseys long ago she visited us several times. She heard that I want to come to Kunming, I asked mother to my mobile phone number. On the phone, she invited me to lunch at her house for second days. Hang up the phone, I call my mother, confirmed that happy.

The second day at noon, I went to a happy home. Uncle cousin at work, in class, when you eat with me happy two people. Thought it might be a little awkward, but is a happy than I am talking, no awkward time to spare me. I was wondering why I was invited to lunch instead of dinner, while the others were not talking.

She’s been telling me all the things I know and don’t know, including her husband and son. I didn’t know she was in contact with my mom, but like she said, “you don’t know much!” Conversation, I can feel that she is not satisfied with her husband, her son is more dissatisfied. “You say how he inherited his father’s shortcomings, will nothing with no ambition at all.”

She wanted me to help educate her son. In her eyes, I have always been a sensible child, I hope I can affect her son. The cousin, has only a vague impression, he seems very quiet, not gregarious, alone with mud can play all day.

I don’t know where my jerseys china factory aunt thought I was a good kid, but maybe my mom told me a lot about me. In fact, I was a young man with a dark mind, when the encounter adults quarrel, would like to help the next horn.

“I remember learning” that I selected text, together with a male master idiot like say “I picked me, in my heart straight whisper: simpleton! I changed it gave table two candy bars, let him stand up and say “I choose hair road”. After growing up, when I first heard “subtly malicious” two words, think this word is my invention.

Even now I walk in the street to see a quarrel, will be secretly with Eminem’s tone, make up the brain for black bubble model. Sneaky students may wish to try, when you hold a rap attitude to understand shrew, can understand why people say “art comes from life”. In this way, I have never been a sensible child, I, just acting outstanding.

Poor aunt did not know that the education of others is not my strengths, but also can do. If someone wants to let the children learn bad, I can unashamedly paizhexiongfu said: “please give me three days for you down!”

But I’m not going to be able to teach my kids well. But aunt is also very clever, she said: “you do not directly teach him, he will not listen to. These days, you play with him, insinuating, multi-faceted stimulate him, encourage him. Of course, your goal is what?”

“I may be more superstitious, I always feel that this ideal thing, say it out. I’ll tell you when it’s done.”

“Don’t tell me, I know you’re ambitious, too.”. We need to make him understand that a person has a little pursuit, there will be achievements. He is completely not the pursuit of people, just like your uncle like (omitted here five thousand words to denounce the uncle).”

I really don’t want to play the role of “education”, originally want to find a reason to push off the aunt’s request, but because before I scold others is an idiot, was a little regret, so I decided to do her a favor.

At the weekend, my cousin came to my hotel. When the shy young teenage boy, has grown into a little shy guy. I didn’t even know I had a cousin who looked like Zhou Yumin. He said: “you in Kunming cheap jerseys online unfamiliar. My mom asked me to go with you.” It appears that the aunt is also very subtly malicious “.

We walk on the street, because I thought my aunt gave me the “heavy responsibility”, always feel a bit unnatural when talking, but also more natural than my cousin. Embarrassed when swollen do? I try to recall their awkward conversation experience and solutions, an idea out of a pot of paste thoughts, more and more clear, and finally merged into two words: beer.