A few days ago, the hail smashed some tiles on the roof. It pours, so the house tenants suffer. Who is my tenant, I have to take charge of the house, put it down in black and white write clearly. This matter without delay. So easy to find workers, he promised to mull over, but after two days, still no movement. I asked him, he It’s not that hard to have said, waist strain, can’t move. I went to the building materials market, sorry, no asbestos tile to sell; to find workers, people say that he no matter the material, you think of a way, he is only responsible for the installation, 600, a lot of. I almost promised, save baby broncos manning jerseys that belongs to you trouble. But I want to ask. Later, the streets and alleys to go, ask around, finally buy asbestos, and by the way to find another worker. I personally on the roof to see the 6 floor, not as before,

it is so difficult, but a few pieces of a broken tile, but the operation is somewhat difficult and Az Cardinals Youth Jerseys dangerous. I said, I’ll give you a hand, do, you open a price? That teacher reported a price, I immediately agreed. Free kit materials, 200, saved a lot of money. Back to the master tile, I followed went up to the roof of the thermal insulation layer in the middle, curled up, 20 pound tiles slowly removed, gently opened the head of the tile, make room, gingerly walking on the roof of the crossbeam, find the leaking place to buy new tiles carefully set. Safety first, work baby broncos manning jerseys slowly, ten minutes sweating, all the clothes are dirty. Almost two hours, all the work is over. The tenant is down two for the bowl of cold water, I drink and master plump, light hearted practical. I never thought I’d do this on the roof. Because I didn’t do it, dirty, tired, dangerous. Can still be hard to dry scalp, and did not find it difficult to imagine. The key is the tenant satisfaction, pressure in the heart of the matter resolved, but also save a lot of money.

For the unknown, the trouble, I always want to get the help of others, I would like to spend money. This is a kind of “advantage”, “evade the crucial point” instinct. For example, I am a fool on the computer, electronic products, set the router are anxious to find someone to come home service. To the strength of the living is not patient, carrying bags of rice upstairs, would like to find someone to help. I was seven feet tall, how like a man? Once bought an electric furnace, the home delivery to the downstairs, did not carry the master. I did not find people around, so bite the bullet and put 100 pound guy onto the six floor, sweating, but have a sense of achievement. There is a moving, moving company costs are too high, I had to find a two master, rented a small truck, their participation in baby broncos manning jerseys physical activity. After a few hours, it saved hundreds of dollars. There is a hurry to use the computer, the router has been a failure, I almost ran to the Internet cafe. Later, his side to call the advisory side slowly study, actually made a success.

And then found that, in fact, a lot of things are not so difficult, and they are completely able cheap nike nfl jerseys to do, but because of the habit of lazy. I had a guitar teacher in a store, people often come to consult the guitar, let me play the song to listen to. After listening, of intense interest. Later, you try. Oh, it’s too hard for your fingers to press on the strings. Forget it. Learn the piano. Well, my business is ruined. In fact, every instrument is not easy, everything is difficult at the beginning, but stick to it, but a lot of people because of fear of “difficult” and baby broncos manning jerseys refused to start. To date, there are some students told me to want to learn guitar, but because of “difficult”, there is no action. Many years ago, they told me that if I had started, I would have been singing since.

Also have friends contact me, want to write myself, but it is always difficult to write, if writing is not good, what writing skills? No, to write. In fact, in addition to writing class at school, and I was really written for a year, I became a website signing author, also signed a book. I am not Chinese, I just want to say, to baby broncos manning jerseys do, not as difficult as you think. “I don’t know!” A helpless face, eager to help the expression. Such a person, life is not uncommon. Is it for you to study the spaceship? Is to allow you to crack Goldbach guess? None of them。 You can put the drama in the perplexing relationship between the characters clear, the mahjong can spend a day can recite fluently from memory, playing games do not feel tired. So, you are a smart and patient person. Just that you are lazy, you are afraid. No one can be more and more painful because of their own. And incompetent, most of the time they are afraid of hard and dare not try.

It is said that most people’s brain has not been developed, the potential of unlimited. So, why baby broncos manning jerseys do we have to give “difficult” to find so many reasons? No one is born to be, but we have the ability and time to learn. John Lennon began to learn the piano at the age of 27, when Haruki Murakami was 29 years old, he began to write, so as long as he started, it was not late. “The difficulty is like a spring, you are weak and it is strong.” Small heard a word, grew up, the party knows a profound reason. So, don’t be afraid of difficult, I learned to cover on the roof tiles, you can also learn the same skills. Because, art does not press body. Because, you can take a more leisurely life.