Jaguars runner Fornet’s hamstring will aggravate and he will be out of commission indefinitely.

The Jacksonville Jaguars runner-up (Leonard Fournette jerseys) will be out indefinitely after suffering an aggravated hamstring injury in his right leg during the victory over the New York Jet.

Doug Marrone also said he was not sure when the team would know how long Fornet would be out.

Fernett underwent an MRI scan after the last game, and Malone said the injury did not look worse than his first in the second half of the season’s opening game.

Prior to the rest of the game, he finished 11 shots for 30 yards, and completed 1 passes to get 5 yards. The team had claimed that it was uncertain whether he would be able to return, but he played in the last half of the attack. In the second half, the Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys did not let him play again.

Fornett has been absent from the game against the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titan, and Malone’s attitude suggests he will miss the next game against the Kansas City Chiefs. After the game against the Chieftain, the Jaguar will play against the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans in succession, and then they will travel to London for the London game.

The Jaguar will be in a round-robin week after the London game, so Fonet may not be back until the tenth week.

Pirate near front O.J. Howard sprained medial collateral ligament of knee

The 48-10 defeat to bear in Chicago is not the only bad news this week.

Two-year-old O.J. Howard sprained the medial collateral ligament of his knee during the match and is expected to be out for two to four weeks, according to the NFL Network correspondent Ian Rapoport. But the pirates will not play next week. In the best case, Howard may miss only one match.

Howard was injured in the second quarter of the match. Last season he completed 26 catches, pushed 432 yards, and won six touchdowns. He is a very efficient close-end offensive. In the 4 game of the season, Howard completed 11 passes, pushed 222 yards, and scored 1.

Cameron Bret (Cameron Brate) is expected to replace Howard. In addition, the pirates have to consider (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and (Jameis Winston) who are more suitable to start.