James entered the stadium wearing a strong NFL. His old kneeling for two years has not yet been eliminated.

The Los Angeles Lakers played King Sacramento at Stamps Stadium on Oct. 5, Beijing time. Before the game, reporters caught the scene: NBA superstar LeBron James, who had just transferred to the Lakers this summer, wore a black and blue outfit with Capernick’s name on the back. The two-year-old national anthem is still on the cusp of the storm, and LeBron has helped to bolster Colin Capernick, the hero of the so-called “Kneel Down” incident.


James and Capet Nick jerseys

James had a long relationship with Capernick, and as early as September 2016, when he was still in Cleveland, James expressed his attitude. He said he would not kneel like Capernick, but thought they were in the same camp. As one of the most eye-catching players in sport, James was a charismatic player who had previously bombarded Trump with equality and racism.

On Nov. 20, 2017, James positively commented on Capernick’s failure to find a job, arguing that he was offended by the way he was treated: “I’m sure Capernick was unfairly treated. The NFL quarterbacks jerseys, many of whom were not as talented as Capernick, were clearly engraved. It repelled. You have to praise Capernick for sacrificing himself for the good life of others. He’s a great man like Martin Luther King. What they’re doing now may not be understood. They’re fighting for champion Ali. Capet Nick sacrificed himself for his belief, and I salute him.

A month ago, Nike filmed promotional films and special ads for the 30th anniversary of the slogan Just do it, working with James and Capernick, Nike brand spokesmen, when James appeared as a voiceover. In introducing James, the ad reads, “Don’t just be willing to be the greatest basketball player in the world. Your greatness goes beyond basketball.” When the picture came to his own experience, Capernick said, “Faith always exists, even if it loses everything.”


Entertainment stars join

Capernick and Trump, a sports star and a political guru, have also drawn attention in the entertainment world. Eminem is the most powerful singer in the American rap world. Unlike hip-hop singers, who are mostly black, he is a white man. Last year at the Reading Festival in Britain, Am, while supporting Capernick, was crazy about Diss Trump, and Capernick later wrote on Twitter: “I appreciate Eminem very much.” It was accompanied by an Oct. 6 video of Freestyle Storm in Detroit’s underground garage (the lyrics have been in Diss Trump). At the same time, this twitter was also forwarded by James.

The relationship between Mr. Kan and Trump is not unusual. He often talks about Twitter on twitter. He urged Capernick to have an early dialogue with Trump, and even arranged a trip to the White House for him. “I want you to talk to the president about your experience and let’s solve the problem through conversation, not abuse.” Throughout the interview, Kanye wore the label “Make America Great Again” (which he used during Trump’s presidential campaign), and so far no progress has been made. Facing Kanye’s strong invitation, Capernick has yet to respond positively.

Capet Nick swept the whole country on his knees, and now the whole world is watching him. He appeared on the cover of the Times Illustrated, won the Mohammed Ali Spiritual Heritage Award and other awards, including James, Durant, Eminem and other sports and entertainment stars support. Although there was no new job, Capernick continued his rebellious career off the pitch, and the former San Francisco 49 quarterback’s legendary career was far from over.

Two years later, the storm showed no sign of subsidence. With Nike inviting Capernick to shoot an advertisement, James wore a cultural shirt with Capernick’s name on it to express his attitude. This may be the beginning of a new storm.