Julio - Jones to study Oriental Magic

Julio – Jones to study Oriental Magic


China is full of mystery wholesale nfl jerseys for foreigners, this splendid ancient oriental country is always attracting the attention of countless people. For Julio – Jones is only here to heal the wounds of the loss of the super bowl, perhaps it was at this time from the mysterious power of the land led to the last time the Falcon was a patriot reversal.

Julio Jones came to the People’s Republic of China Special Administrative Region of Hongkong began to play and asked for personal way, so he will be the first time to go to the famous Hongkong resort incense monastery at the foot of the mountain, just to see the world’s largest seated bronze Buddha – Tiantan buddha. Perhaps the Super Bowl defeat Julio Jones began to doubt life, so he began to believe in Buddhism, which he found a new love, football is just really scattered, after seeing the Tiantan Buddha, Julio – Jones’s heart a relieved, he was ordained as a monk, follow Buddhism, doing the Muyu mountain black monk, but he remembered that there was still unfinished wish he a piece of earth, six is not a net, a monk just added trouble, so Julio to take pictures and put on their own Instagram at the foot of the mountain, the future to be won, will come here to put down everything, long qingdeng with buddha.

Jones went to the international tourist resort in Hongkong should be just to relax the mood, after all the offseason there are many players play in a different way, apparently Julio Jones’s idea is very simple, to forget the troubles, adjust the mood, ready for the next season. Jones as the best NFL active outside take over, since he is interested in China, then maybe next time in the mainland, we will see the figure of Jones.

Yiannis – good is lightning today to win the big hero, contributed two goals, which is his last six games scored the goal of the fifth. You know, he made only one goal in the first 12 games of the season.

Nikita – Kutcher Love also performed well, scored fortieth goals last season, but also sent a second aid. Kutcher Love’s performance this season is amazing, currently ranked second in the League scoring goals, but also ranked in the scoring table of sixth – even if he missed the game in eight. His performance has risen to another level: since February 2nd of this year, he has won the league’s top 40 points in just 29 games.

This season, the lightning can be regarded as the second force, which is still in lack of the premise of general Steven – Star Mok J and Taylor – Johnson’s work, enough astonishing: Star Mok J because of knee surgery since November last year has been absent, it is not known whether the return on Monday. Johnson has played only two games since March 10th.

Since the Seattle Hai Ying, the new England patriots, Adrian Peterson continued to fight for his future next week, Peterson decided to visit the New Orleans saints, but this does not explain what, after all in Peterson after the interview, Hai Ying signed Addie RESINES, and is not lack of patriots running back, the Patriots also wanted to sign back to run Weile Garrett Blount, now the saint is not to give Peterson what team commitment.

Although the saints released them veteran running back Heitor, but Peterson does not need the kind of saints running back, first of all Peterson’s asking price is not low, but the saints running back Ingram in the squad last season played a career best performance, the saints need to have the ball ability of running back, and Peterson never to catch good and because of the limitations of the individual Peterson, he is not the Seahawks signed or patriot is a certain reason. The Seahawks offensive lines could not provide much protection for cheap nfl jerseys the attack, and the Patriots with the saints. Love can catch the running back. And now the saints have two first hand signings, although they do not necessarily choose to run, but the saints do not need to spend too much money just to sign Peterson.

Peterson want to complete the desire to win, he visited the saints exactly what is the idea? We don’t know.

The 21 year old Lagrange Sen the past two seasons with the team at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, acting captain, under coach Greg Carville.

In the last month to accept oil’s official website Carville said: “this is my first year coach, I’m here to rebuild the team, and the first thing they tell me is in charge of William – La sum will be best, because he is an ambition particularly strong player. Now it seems that he really did not let me down.”

Lagesen has also represented Sweden in 2015 and 2016 participated in the world youth championship, 190cm, 90kg also won the “strong body body against strong, reliable defense” good reputation for Lagrange Sen.

It is not clear whether Lagesen will join the AHL team in Bakersfield.