White is a catch Just give me browns jerseys demon tianshic, one store to finish a movie day she met black when catch demon, a pregnant female demon put their eggs into the black belly, then gave birth to a black radish, is actually a very like a carrot monster, the monk seems wrong the man is really “fuck” the demon may be ‘father’ students……”

This is my release in the United States, Tucao “catch the demon” 1 minutes short video. Play volume has more than 6 million 900 thousand times, the point of praise 97 thousand times, comment on article more than 4 thousand.

I am not a radio host, have not received what pronunciation skills training, Mandarin is not standard, always think that my voice is not strong.

And all this change should start from half a year ago, “a few minutes watching” XXX “” this series of video on the Internet fire up, friends threw me a link, said to me: “look, I feel quite good fun, you can also.” I only returned to him a “ha ha”, what joke? Although the mouth denied, but the silence supply replica nhl jerseys of years of heart suddenly agitated.

For so many years, I often feel indignant, I don’t stop to ask why the fire is always someone else?

I learned that the university professional director, that time is really from the heart to love this profession, as long as the mind is creative, you can immediately carry on camera with the students make it realization”. In the “micro film” three words are not popular in the year, uploaded to Youku, most will be recommended to the original channel home; and now look at their work, has been four or five years, has been doing the job they are not interested in.

North Island has a few words: at that time, we have dreams about literature, about love, about the travel across the world. Now we drink late in the night, the cup came together, is the sound of broken dreams. Think of the university students and at the time of their own, I seem to hear the sound, splinters, sound harsh. Maybe it’s time to start to change.

When I have seen a “super corps”, anything in the groove to spit, finally began to write, was aware of their original love is not far from the professional. When night colleagues are exposed, a person in the office secretly take mobile phone recording, video clips after only a minute remaining content.

There have been many video sites like video, too much competition, then the United States took short video social App fire up, finally decided to beat the United States on this platform. Then what his tangled nickname, seen the movie remembered an interesting nickname, wandering between “brother piece” and “piece of God”, and finally to a low profile, called “piece”.

The beauty of a “large tablet said” this is finished, I became the first in a short video on App Tucao movie people.

Time in a minute after countless day, suddenly one day, my video on the hot, but negative comments are overwhelming hit. But I insist updated largest discount jerseys weekly, like voice finally more slowly, the number of fans broke through the one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, rise more quickly. All kinds of private letter filled inbox, seek cooperation, I have to recommend the film, and let me do the advertisement, each a private letter I will carefully read and reply to all, then suddenly found such a:

“Hello, I am a thousand days and days of film and television company, you do the video is very interesting, is completed independently? Would you like to come to our company?”

Then suddenly remembered “when happiness to knock” this movie, appreciate the actor for a long time after work efforts and adhere to obtain ideal excitement. Have long admired, infinite longing cast countless resumes are no echo of the company, now actually take the initiative to find me. Later successfully entered their love of the company, and an interesting group of people together to do a love job, it seems that this state of the University myself again.

Remember to have seen such a word: Thank you for not giving up. But for me, before “don’t give up”, “start” is more important. Thanks to every one who has the courage to start, never start, you never know how far you can go. Together with my colleagues, we drink in the middle of the night, the cup came together, are the voice of the dream to achieve.