There are two worm Learn from the broncos people: one is poor home jerseys most hated people, one is the hate bug. When the worm comes in, it’s a pity, and it doesn’t like the time when the insect attacks. The proverb said the sentence: poor people must be hateful; it is missing the next sentence: hate people must have lessons.

Psychologists cheap price for nba jerseys said: “when we hate someone, often because the other side and we have the same shortcomings.” The other side will expose our shortcomings, so we will hate his emotional expression. It’s a secret that’s disgusting.

There is no perfect incarnation, and people have to face all kinds of discomfort with others.

Hate: a social emotion

Star, public figures, celebrities, celebrities, 15 minutes to Bo, more or less, to be part of “the love” at the same time, it is another part of the “dark one”.

It is worth noting that the “hate pattern” between the stratum and the stratum is hindering the progress of the society. The Jews said, “even if you are poor, you should stand in the rich man’s heap.” But when the class gradually clear, rich in distribution and social resource, has an absolute advantage, which spontaneously make classes tend to supply replica nhl jerseys stable, mobility becomes a long and difficult. After the formation of the two generation of rich, in the choice of education, occupation, the city, the lower middle class is more difficult to enter the mainstream society. So, speak for the rich real estate Ren will become the most hate can’t afford to buy a house of the people, the poor are economist Mao Yushi refers to the moral instead of economics. Each class has its own interests appeal and spokesperson, they also hate each other, but did not use the mentality of learning to understand each other, listen to each other.

In between the nationalists and the background of globalization, there is a non rational attitude, the most obvious example is the Beijing Olympic torch during the China protests against the French, the reason lies in the torch relay in France, which led to a boycott of French Chinese in Beijing enterprises Carrefour scene. This is a typical “mutual dislike”, which takes place between the Chinese and the French, even the national level.

In addition , values, lifestyle, identity, everyone has their own behavior patterns. All around, there will always be people who hate the most. Douban was the establishment of a group, called “I hate XX”, the group introduced a very fun, said: “do you dislike the creatures / things speak out, together we spurned him / her / it.” Founder humorously added: “to, in order to expand the dark side, accumulation of grievances.” People on the top of the stars, television, anti-virus software, gatherings, shopping activities, winter long-distance running, traffic jams, signs and other daily events, candidates and the topic of hate. This little pesky alliance is a window of negative energy.

“I no longer serve as a moralist, but became a pupil.” Communication master Mcluhan said.

Switch from annoying mode to learning mode

Where there is no oxygen, anaerobic bacteria can run amok. Learning is for oxygen and sterilization.

Russell said: “diversity is the origin of happiness.” Some critics say: “the most annoying person is another one of the world.” Indeed, the advantages of hate people is to be found in the ghost.

There is nike nba jerseys top quality a famous koans about Su Dongpo and fo Yin jackson. Su Dongpo asked fo Yin Jackson saw him as who see him as the Buddha, Buddha said, Su Dongpo sneered: I see you like a pile of cow dung. But not language. Su Dongpo proud to go home to say to Su Xiaomei, Su Xiaomei said: brother, you lost again. You see what others are, what you are, and what you think is the projection of the heart. Hate is a kind of emotional argument, if we look at the rational, almost all the people who hate the most worthy of learning. People’s general stress response is to sympathize with the weak, hate the strong. Strong without hate, hate most is often because of the powerful and “sin”. American philosopher Emerson said a word: “all heroes finally is hate.” People use the hate mode to achieve some kind of balance and equality, so as to adapt to the “strong survival” Darwin ecological environment.

To put aside this point of view, the society as an organic whole, the most annoying person is only a minority. They are clean, can let a person see the existence and problems. Switching from annoying mode to learning mode is the best way to deal with things around you.

Between the alien and alien, most likely to become the most hate people. Whether it is national, city or individual, different concepts can easily cause disagreement, abuse and hate. How to treat heterogeneous molecules. Tolerance, reference, appreciation, acceptance, or prejudice? This is not the choice of success, but the maturity of a mind.

Nietzsche said: “if we can not do good, good make us hate.” He solved a philosophical problem, which we dislike, that we can’t do, even if it is good. If we are not qualified to study, study will make us hate. The reason why the most hated people exist, because it is a person we can not do. There is no reason not to learn from him.