The ancients said:Learn to learn nfl jerseys “Confucius Chinese three mentors free shipping from a friend, bad friends. Friends of friends of friends Duowen straight, forgive, and a. Friends opened, friendly Sophie, Pian Ning, injurious. Western universities also attach great importance to the education of the academic community, especially public debate. What is a true friend? I think a true friend is and you can continue in-depth exchanges, encourage and learn from each other people, such a friend as Confucius said: “there are friends from afar awfully.” The word “friendship” is also very good: a friend is a ship.

If we say that half of the material civilization of the United States, thanks to the inventor Edison, then, the United States has half of the spiritual civilization, thanks to the thinker, Emerson. Of course it’s an exaggeration. But the thought of historians believe that the representative of American thinkers, really began with jerseys different nfl size Emerson. Americans Write “essays”, and there are few references to Emerson.

It is said that Emerson meets with his friends, always ask such a question: “since we met last time, you know what?” This simple question, contains a lot of learning the truth.

First, learning is difficult.

It takes time to figure out a problem. Emerson era, traffic inconvenience, meet with friends, assuming two or three months. Emerson’s hypothesis is that a person with two or three months time, up to find out the two or three questions, so it is worth asking, and can answer. If a person can figure out a problem every day, then two or three months will be able to figure nfl jerseys direct supply out the problem of 60 to 90. This is not worth asking, can not answer.

Second, learning is required.

Learning is to the mind what oxygen is to the body. This is another assumption that Emerson asked the question: it is a person with two or three months time, we should figure out the one or two questions. Otherwise, Emerson asked such a question: “since we met last time, you found a good restaurant? Fun KTV?”

Third, learning is to say.

Say it, not just tell people what you’ve learned. In fact, speaking is a learning process. Say, can help us think more clearly. Master Drucker said: “I learn by listening to myself.” Of course, it can be written, novelist Faulkner said: “I read what I said, just know what I think.”

Howard Gardner, a famous psychologist, told me that he was going to make a speech, saying, “I am curious about what I am going to say.” This is an example: the process of speaking, not the printer’s printing process, the idea has been fixed, but more like a calligrapher’s writing process, is part of the creation of ideas.

Fourth, the study is to discuss.

Learning can be said to be one-sided, even if the audience did not say anything, you also learned something. However, compared to the one-sided, the discussion is often more effective learning process. This is also a question of Emerson’s hypothesis: I want to discuss it with you.

Fifth, there are two kinds of learning.

One is to find out for yourself, learn from your own experience and jerseys from nfl china observation. The other way is to learn from others and learn what others have already known or are trying to figure out. These two kinds of learning, are very important.

Sixth, friends are used to learn.

This truth, N years earlier than Emerson, Confucius had already mastered China. In the “Analects of Confucius” at the beginning, Confucius said: “learning proficiency for officialdom, everyone! To have friends from afar awfully!” The first sentence is clear, happy. The second sentence is a friend to come, you can study together, make clear, more happy.

Unfortunately, we do not have Emerson as a friend, how to do? There are two solutions.

One, to do their own Emerson, from time to time to ask yourself: “I learned what?” Day three provinces my body might be too much, how a province on the thirty day,?

Two, from now on friends, whether it is a nodding acquaintance with, turn, or friendship between gentlemen, I KTV to find Emerson. Jietouanhao, you first ask her or him saying: “recently, what you have learned?”

If you see the surprised eyes, would you please make a ha ha, then, at the turn of the meat, a nodding acquaintance with friendship between gentlemen and KTV turn. It may also be that she or his eyes rejoice in an instant of surprise, then hold your hand tightly and say excitedly, “Emerson, I can find you!”

Well, Congratulations, you found Emerson!