Graduate, beauty business Let bengals limited jerseys school, a stand tall senior level Z campus belle.She is very beautiful, tall temperament, the first day of the opening ceremony, he was doing her fluent and authentic British English to conquer, the moment that she was beautiful and talented with the model.

But soon, the canteen to eat in the classroom during the break, always hear a lot about Z groundless talk. Z is the art of living, then into Peking University in Chongqing is on her official Dad rich and powerful Z; undergraduate achievement is not very good, can guarantee to here is not by President love she was her family relationship after portal; Z live single room, we are four, she must have a leg with the Dean; Z eyes big nose is outrageous, ridiculous, how likely is born ah, certainly is the plastic; Z this figure also when the dance troupe, but also to participate in what the Belgian dance competition, certainly is on……

Groundless talk xixisuosuo, more than I can not bear to listen.

After about half a semester, the dining hall held a personal exhibition of the great in strength and impetus.

After lunch, the crowd to see the streams of people busily coming and going, screamed Z sister’s name, her beautiful face, appears in the first big poster. What is long behind her photographs, she is basically around Europe’s documentary.

This is no longer the groundless talk can whisper, surrounded by the crowd, you can cheap jerseys onlin clearly hear the sound of “beat all disdain, so in general, mean or do personal photography exhibition?” “Not by principals and good relations, to the festival.”

“All day playing in Europe, not by their rich home, white Formica what the tinkling se” bengals jerseys youth……

I didn’t even read the photos, the crowd.

To tell the truth, photos of the theme or characteristics, can not be compared with other professional film festival, but the light from the photography itself and post effect, is absolutely in the upper levels.

Eat when the mood is not very beautiful, eating back on the way through the yoga room, which has a very dynamic music came out, a glimpse of the inside a few figure in the dance, stop the steps to see the eye. The leader is Z sister. She is wearing a red blouse and black wide leg pants, with high ponytail, handsome, she shouted that words, while hard to dance.

Her action is all the most in place, most desperately and finally in a single hand motion rotation, she’s a soft hand no shore, fell heavily to the ground.

Z sister pain curled up, the girls hurriedly approached him, I saw jerseys different color her face expression of pain in the mirror can be outside. After a while, she waved his hand and said: “all right, is estimated to have a meal, a bit empty, you continue to me to rest for a moment, just a little while.”

One of the girls looked distressed and blame, “Z you don’t so hard is good! You have had enough of your body! Every time is not to please! Also be said by others to take the award! Is really exasperating!”

She smiled and said quietly: “what do people say why, do their own better point on the line.”

I through a glass door, saw her sweat wet hair, stick on the face, no makeup face lotus like a beautiful, hand is full of scars and gauze.

I saw her deep breath a sigh of relief, rubbing his wrist, the mirror smile.

I laughed too.

After one semester, I heard Z sister took the national college dance championship. She put jerseys different size the festival office to Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong, she is still a lot of magazines and media darling, but to describe her is no longer “the beauty”, but “the photographer”. “Oh, still groundless talk, family forces are extended to across the strait!”

Later, her graduation thesis took excellent graduation thesis, even in our ordinary college graduation are insecure, get excellent graduation thesis, it is to put on a large banquet for three days and. There is still groundless talk pretty, “is good, can get good people do not class papers, we are also worried that the industry can not be completed today.”

But less, because this article from the topic to the research method to the argument to the conclusion is perfect to the amazing paper, hanging in the school library home page where everyone can see.

Later, she went to Hongkong the best investment bank, or she is not groundless talk, derivatives class 70? This will be able to go to the investment bank? Beautiful and have a relationship! I heard that his boyfriend is a rich man in Hongkong!”

But less than before, because the school news screamed “Z students also won * * and other eight top investment bank brokerage offer, employment guidance,” for everyone, boyfriend to the money, also eight investment banks around the world can’t?

Z sister went to Hongkong, we are concerned about each other because jerseys Free Shipping of micro-blog and WeChat, became familiar.

I know her every day to work until midnight, and even a few times directly to sleep in the office sofa; every weekend I know she must go to the country folk songs learning photography; I know she also set up his own studio, specially recorded a beautiful girl and wonderfull life; I know she is learning to play the guitar, I coach Furlong Ming Gobu; she also know Li