One day in Let me have browns late nineteenth premier jerseys a try Century, a game venue in London is a show, suddenly, the actors on the stage to sing two just sing out, a mess in a complete mess. Many people rush into action, clamoring to refund.

Theater boss look at the momentum is not good, had no choice but to find someone to save the field, who knows a circle can not find the right person. At this time, a 5 year old boy stood out.

“Boss, let me try, OK?”

The boss looked at the little guy confident eyes, they agreed to let all style jerseys him try. As a result, he was singing and dancing on the stage, the audience was particularly happy, half of the singing, a lot of audience will throw coins on the stage.

The little boy picked up the money as he picked it up and started to sing. In the cheers of the audience, he sang several songs at once.

After a few years, the famous French comedian star Marcellin to a children’s theater and everyone on the same stage.

At that time, the need for a actor to play a cat massereene program, because the massereene too much fame, many outstanding actors did not dare to accept this role, or the little boy and volunteered to stand out, everyone for him to sweat, who knows he and Ma Sailin with very tacit understanding.

You may have thought of, the little boy became famous in the world, the art of humor master – Chaplin!

Rich people like that in real life, we are eager to show the talent the opportunity, as soon as possible to find the dream of life stage.

However, when the opportunity is coming, we often take account of this or that problem, shilly-shally, hang back, missing an opportunity to realize their dreams, resulting in a series of regrets.

Sometimes, we may be short of nothing, but the lack of courage to say “let me try”!

In a cottage, but I remember, remember the rice cooker Guoba incense, remember the desk is hot pot burnt smell of paint, and rear window floated toilet taste.

Home to two beds, a table, a lamp, a pot, the most advanced appliances are BBK repeater I learn English to use, it is our family entertainment tool, one family ate always singing around it. My father sometimes goes on a business trip, and he can’t go home for two or three months. Once outside the toilet at night, the mother put her coat and ran out, thought it was her husband back, but found that I hold rereader from out of the toilet, she called me. There are times I stepped over clothes in the rice cooker in boiling water, hot bubble foot, crying, my mother holding a baby kept crying, crying. So big Beijing, as if such a pair of mother and child, the mother cried, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, why do you go to Beijing by the crime? If at home,jerseys supply center where will be so hot feet.” That’s true, we use the rice cooker to cook boiling water, not just to save a hot money?

But this is the case, so that the love will be more tightly. In the days after the father walks with my once said to me, when he and the mother’s feelings more loving than the wedding. There are too many nights, they will worry insomnia, but you can.