In June 2014,Let the 2016 wholesale micro-blog, a Poland woman who cheap nfl jerseys dream turn turned occupation model “message has attracted particular attention of the majority of users, in just a few hours, the micro-blog has been forwarded twenty thousand times, people are very curious about how this Cinderella turned to the gorgeous counter attack.

In 2013, 26 year old Alexandra graduated from a Poland occupation university, although she won the master of education degree, can easily find a related occupation and education, but I had a childhood dream: to be a model, to show their beauty on the stage, so after graduation, Alexandra refused to the number of schools have become the dream of invited supermodel celibacy to Bristol city.

But she did not expect that, she ran a lot of home model company, and show a variety of models in their school performance stills, a model company is not willing to accept her. After the wall, her life in trouble, even the basic food has become a problem. Finally, she only came to a local labor service company, want to find a can bag family teacher work, to solve the food problem.

A few days later, the labor service company called her to sign the contract in the afternoon, said several families are satisfied with her condition, is willing to hire her. That afternoon, she more than an hour, when she saw several employer, rushed in a man came in, anxious to let the staff to help him find a night can go to work immediately cleaner.

When the staff explained to him have to find an appointment in advance, this man is more anxious, him around in the room, Alexandra can not help but curiously looked at him, she suddenly found that he was a bit disappointed, even when seen. When she is confused, the man whispered in the whisper: Sherlock tomorrow morning at home, how to do it tonight if you find people cleaning?

Sherlock? Poland famous fashion designer! It occurred to her that jerseys factory nfl supply he was Sherlock’s agent.

As the man was about to leave, Alexandra stepped forward to stop him. She said she would do the cleaning, and go now, and make sure that she had a good time tonight. After listening to the joy of the man, one side of the staff of the labor service company listened to her busy, said to do a week’s wages cleaners only 250 pounds, which is not only a lot less than her tutor when wages, but also much harder. Who knows Alexandra smiled, did not say that the man signed the contract.

Alexandra with their diligence and carefully quickly won the recognition and trust of Sherlock, every day finished cleaning, she was in the room secretly practicing. If you encounter a model company official and supermodel visit, she quietly stay in the living room, Sherlock and listen to their conversation, slowly, she understand and master a lot of their own before do not know relevant knowledge about T and go Taiwan model.

One night, she found Sherlock in the blues finished cleaning, lying on the sofa, out of courtesy, but because she and Sherlock usually very good relationship, she asked Sherlock how, there could help. Sherlock regretfully told her that he recently designed for a model to design a series of summer clothing, can not think of the end, but because of the conflict model, compensation and the unilateral breach of contract, to participate in the second day fashion conference.

Alexandra, who had seen several sets of dresses, had not been at home a lot of times, and she had secretly touched her hand and imagined how good it would be to wear these clothes on the T. Alexandra said that he had been in school for many times to participate in fashion model contest, can let her try. Listen to her words, Sherlock eyes wide, say NO, this clothing conference directly related to the success of their own clothing can quickly open the market, which model plays an important role, it is no joke.

Alexandra is not discouraged, she agreed that Sherlock’s fear is not without reason, but after all, there is no suitable candidate, you can give yourself a chance, now go over to him. (Sherlock) skeptical look at Alexandra, finally nodded promised.

A few minutes later, when Alexandra wore that several sets of Sherlock paid for several months of work, when a standard cat came out, jerseys nfl from china Sherlock couldn’t believe his eyes, not only because those clothes on Alexandra like the same tailored. Alexandra’s typhoon and move with professional models without what two. Although there are some small flaws, but as long as a little bit of guidance can fully qualified for the clothing conference.

The second day, Sherlock excitedly recommended Alexandra to the organizers, when Alexandra finally played as the grand finale, all the people were stunned by her charm, whispering after it was found that no one knows this beautiful face, short hair, 1.8 meters high model. After the conference, it was learned that her identity was originally a cleaner.

A cleaner became a model, became the biggest news of the day, a number of model companies have thrown olive branch to her, and finally she chose a model company in london. At present, Alexander