A girl, 19 years old Let the dream to nfl jerseys, and had two for sale free shipping of life graduate brothers to go to Dunhuang.One day, the girl whim, a person wants to see the beautiful scenery in the desert. Two of the brothers repeatedly threatened her, let her into the desert. She borrowed a large flashlight, to the two brothers left a note, said: “I go to the desert, I took a flashlight, you don’t worry.”

Along the way, the sunshine into the desert, a world full of golden lines, so soft and graceful. Suddenly the dark days, the temperature dropped, hanqixiren. The girl with a knife sharpener, hand picking a.sparsifolia, PA ten refers to the bloody, it pulled out a small pile in the sand; and she scratched a hole, with a towel primer, finally lit the fire. Very cold cold days, she was lonely and hungry, so a person here until the early morning.

The two brothers found her, gave her meal, you said with a flashlight, flashlight useful? Do you know the dunes move? Do you know there are wolves in the desert? Do you know the temperature in the desert drops by several dozen degrees Celsius during the night? You have a flashlight dare to desert?

The girl wanted to say that I really don’t know, but it’s the desert, that is one of my dreams.

Later graduated from the girls graduate, devolved to a place called Liu village for two years. That two nike nfl jerseys top quality years she was very depressed, that place, even reading a book is not possible. She was the most depressed mood, one day suddenly received a brother gave her a letter, there is no beginning and end, the median reads: “I what all not afraid, I took a flashlight”. At that moment, five or six years ago suddenly came to her. She began to understand her into the desert night, with the flashlight is not only with the props, but the flashlight is used to illuminate the dream. It encourages you to wish, with a youthful courage to make such a lonely place, despite the danger!

So, the girl understand, why depressed? Is the fear of the unknown experiences and frustrations, and dream of the future is preservation of life, like the light, in the heart is a kind of energy, encouraging you to move forward step by step.

That girl is Yu Dan.

Really, life can not dream, life without a dream is dead and the dark desert. Have a dream, courage to realize the dream, let the dream to illuminate the road of life, to explore the sunny oasis of life, birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, colorful and no regrets.

Look at the painting, childhood moment was awakened. In the cheap price for nfl jerseys sunshine of the yard, the grandmother sat on a wooden bench to my sister and I fed. We looked up, a mouthful of sweet little gruel. The wind fields of hometown, spring wheat regreening, peach blossom everywhere, with smoke…… In fact, not raising our mother boil golden table delicacies from land and sea, but the small rice. As we feed our minds is the Miller plain, holiness, compassion, peaceful picture, because these paintings and earth are closely related, and life closely interdependent, connected and you my soul.

His love that a “success”. The fall of the wilderness, the wheat has been harvested, three day a cloudless blue sky, the women’s golden wheat, they were wearing red, yellow, blue scarf. They bent, low head, reverently pick up the ears. Rich colors are unified in the soft, holy atmosphere, show a idyllic mood.

They are behind the golden stack. Wearing a blue scarf’s mother is too tired, back pain is not straight up, her hand touched the waist, the other hand picking up the ears, as if picked up the bitter years of a little sweet. On her forehead sweat drops fall on the earth, as the poet wrote: every mother picked up a wheat, like the earth to knock a head. Isn’t it? A grain of rice, a wheat top quality for cheap nfl jerseys, through the season, nourish people. The rain and snow, sun, farmers and every grain each other, generations of life was through the years. They sweat, but they still feel terribly fatigued, piety, joy and gratitude.