Downtown and confused City, how many people really do is their favorite work,Life after work decides and how many people are the first to make a living, then seek love? A few years ago, my colleagues and authentic youth steelers jerseys you can have I like square, in the city as a teacher of english. During the day in class at night, life is like a spring, although tired, but repeat. However, a few years later, still in the small class, ten hours a day every day, even the class content are the same, and I became a writer, director of the successful transformation.

I’m not showing off, only one small meeting with me, I can not authentic youth steelers jerseys bear with her I have this conversation. She said: “you are lucky to catch up with the development of our national culture, we can smooth transition.”

I said: “this is not small, there is no reason in the world was born, I still work hard is good.”

Fang said: “where do you work hard, you are clever. When we every day is very full curriculum, home is not directly to sleep just watching TV and sleep, you can resign so soon after the change track, should do well, what is not clever?”

Every time here, I shook his head, don’t know how to answer, her words let me feel “smart” is a derogatory term.

Remember that every day in the school day, I almost didn’t go to bed at three in the morning; after work, people are really very tired, but my colleagues and I turn on the TV, turn on the computer; they watch the show, I code; they drink, I drink a cup of coffee; they are ready to sleep, I am ready to boil.

During that time, I was a film every day, every three days a book. Note in the authentic youth steelers jerseys thick book, light is the book, it is full of more than and 10. I appreciate that time alone with peace efforts, I use the free time to work out another discipline to come in after proficiency in a particular line, firmly grasp the opportunity.

I hate people saying that you’re lucky. Luck is important, but opportunities tend to authentic youth steelers jerseys be prepared. A person who has never been prepared, even if the chance to knock on the door, he did not know.

In fact, many people are busy at work, nine to five exhausted after work, but after all the time is their. These time, as long as the Institute of accumulation, reasonable control, must be enough to create a special interest in their own, can achieve a better self.

I like this sentence: the time of a person’s work, determines his height; a person authentic youth steelers jerseys how to use his free time, he can go to determine how far.

I think of a student, university period, was chosen to be a professional, but he is authentic steelers jerseys obsessed with photography. Such a person, in the university campus a lot of. He often told me that he wanted to be a good photographer, but it was too late, and he was assigned such a professional.

I am very puzzled, ask: “where is late, you are still so young.”

He told his dream to his friends that he was crazy about him. The world is authentic youth steelers jerseys always so, dream on the road, there are some people who don’t stop laughing. Rest assured that they will always laugh until you realize the dream, these will become a wry laugh. The rest, it’s about your smile.

In the back of the day, he still and all the same, the class, the exam, in addition to his often with slr. One day a few months later, the counselor announced at the meeting that our class had won the first prize in the international photography competition.

After graduation, he passed his work, admitted to the Department of photography, Beijing Film Academy. He said he was a genius, but he said: “I just used the other people to sleep, play the free time, focus on one thing.”

I just know later, he gets up early every day, while still morning dew, the first time, press authentic youth steelers jerseys the shutter; night street, looked at the gray sky, the moonlight, press the last shutter. In just a few months, he pressed a few thousand times a shutter, took a number of photos. At night in the study room, he opened the PS repair plans, the library, in addition to him, only those who study section of the children.

Suddenly every transition, there are many efforts to calm but No one shows any interest in time. He used his free time to do the things he liked, he was not a genius, he was just a man of effort.

These years, I have seen a lot of people want to quit, they all do not shun mediocre are authentic youth steelers jerseys attributed to the company’s. In fact, not, you can use the time to do a better job ah.

I’ve also seen a lot of people who want to drop out of school, and put all the pain and disability due to poor professional school is not good. In fact, otherwise, you can use the free time to listen to lectures, read like professional books ah.

People always have to survive, to talk about the dream. When you spend your life, really authentic youth steelers jerseys uncomfortable, perhaps you do not like the things you don’t like, but fortunately, this is not a day and twenty-four hours. In fact, your complaints, but it is an excuse. Do you have a lot of work to do now? Then behind these times? What have you done to change your life?

I once asked a friend, when you do a do not like the work, then you have to do? He was given the best answer, first dry, then use spare time to hone and resume, proficiency in a particular line, running, etc.