In fact, people Life is always nfl jerseys live very good with cheap price on the go, as there is no meaning to life’s. Every day the sun rises and the sun goes down every day. You can see the sunrise, to see the sunset and saw the moon rising and falling, see the stars in the sky, this is what the most beautiful meaning.

I believe the students must be very disappointed to see my first sight. In fact, everyone is very common, we often find that life is very important things with our future happiness and success is not much contact. For example, some people think that the appearance and success in the future there will be a lot of contact; some people think that their own background and success have inevitable connection; some people think that famous university will succeed in college, good grades than poor grades are more likely to succeed…… All of these factors may be partly true, but most of them are largely ineffective, for example.

If a person’s appearance and success, there will be no Ma and Alibaba, because you think Ma looks jerseys different nfl color good, it must be a question of aesthetics.

Sometimes you will be unhappy, but the world is full of unfairness, and a lot of unfairness is always in your eyes. You will say, how the world will be like me, why he has everything, and I have nothing? I also have this kind of normal psychology in the university.

For example, in the first year of college, the child in the class every Friday to drive a Mercedes Benz 280 driver to take him back. Do you think we can not afford to buy a bike at that time, he actually sat Mercedes Benz 280, it is a kind of feeling. You feel like you’re going to die. But you have to remember a truth, life is always moving forward, we have to go a lifetime. We are not only 4 years of college, or graduate students, we have to go a lifetime. May go to 80 years old, at the age of 90, although go to the age of 80, at the age of 90, life in the end how you do not know, the only thing you can do is to go on. So I am very proud to walk from a farmer’s son to the North University and finally to today. My mind is very balanced, but actually I went a long way.

All success means that you will have to work harder after you graduate from college. I have a lot of the same place with Ma, he took the college entrance examination for 3 years, I also took the test for the past 3 years, he was an English major, I also tested the English major, I went to Peking University for the past third years, he went to Hangzhou Normal University. I believe that many students have heard of this school, I feel that my life should be more successful than him, but unfortunately jerseys nfl Free Shipping, from today, 3 times the market value of listed Alibaba is the New Oriental, I have made a New Oriental will what is gone. Not only that, he also, alipay…

A few days ago to work when Karen suddenly pulled me, lowered his voice whispered to me: “do you know? The original Stella before getting leukemia.” I was surprised, can not help but improve the tone “ah” out. Karen than the fingers on my hissed, continued: “I was just listening to her alumni said, they returned to school before she had to raise donations, later is okay with her mother’s blood with just fine.” I instantly froze, Karen continues to explain: “her family is not very good, but because her body has been very poor, my parents moved to Beijing, rented a house to find a part-time job.” I was dumbfounded, a time did not know what to say.

Stella is a tall girl, with me in the same department but different groups, the station nfl jerseys factory supply opposite me. There are times when the computer is out of order, or if I get an email that has no meaning, I ask her instinctively. Because the relationship between illness and her college for six years, this year finally graduated, I heard the results also is very good. Usually temper some stronger character, the reason and calm be neither hot nor cold, do not rely on, consciously become colleagues. If it is not Karen mention with me, how I would not think of tall as she, had experienced such a real life and death struggle.

I am particularly grateful to have witnessed their brilliant, but also know their past haze. I am no longer easy to envy, but also more aware of each smile behind the unknown will be bitter. When I was working hard, I thought I would be proud of it.