A few days ago, the tutor sixty birthday, Shixiongdimen to birthday, and I was ten, put together a table. During the dinner, we first say greetings, learn about each other work, and then talk to the family and children.The longest Z I eight big brother, is now vice president of a design institute. Arguably, days of life Life is not a 100 meter run should be very handsome. But he said a sad face, sad day. We don’t understand.He explained that his child is six years old, rose immediately to primary school, in order to let him read on the condition of good school, years ago he was a cruel, in the vicinity can only wear bears jerseys peppers once of the primary school of real estate to buy a set of house price is quite expensive. In fact, he and his wife work units can he now live in the area near, but for the sake of the children, had to go.

Later, we know that, during the Z brothers in his kindergarten children, not less, the kindergarten tuition is thirty thousand light. We ask, why should this be, the district where the kindergarten is arguably should be enough. Z brother sighed: “don’t let the children lose at the starting line.”

At this time, a long silence A brother suddenly said: “the life of a person, not a sprint, the starting line bears jerseys peppers which is so important? The road is long.”

A brother was born in a remote village, it is said that now there is no access to a decent road. His ancestors died at the age of N generation farming, is facing the Loess back into the air. In such a poor and isolated village, who would have thought there will be a college student turned out.

A brother said, just know him until Changsha University, there are kindergarten that said. Among them, only bears jerseys peppers a year of preschool, is the first grade and the helicopter, preschool is not on the. Children in the city in the kindergarten, to receive bilingual education or training, they are still there playing with mud stones.

His primary school teacher is a “man”, from the first grade they have been brought to the sixth grade, and as all the teachers. But all, in fact, only four courses, language, mathematics, nature and ideology and morality. So when they read the primary school, the teacher will never be a language teacher, math teacher share so clearly, they have only a general term, is the teacher in charge.

Later, when the town of junior middle school, because he never learned English, so the first English bears jerseys peppers exam in a complete mess. He said it was the first time that he had been crying for the first time in his studies.

Later, he like a hanging like, when eating in English, read English at bedtime, even on a toilet in memorizing words. At that time there is no so-called tutoring book all the learning by the teaching materials, in the end, A brother said he could almost the whole of this back down.

Since then, A a senior middle school in the road stride forward singing militant songs, these bears jerseys peppers six years, he said in second schools, said the first one would dare. After college entrance examination, he was admitted to the University of the best professional, civil engineering. During the undergraduate and graduate, he tried, as in the past after graduation, went to a good construction unit, recently heard that he will soon be promoted to the position of chief engineer.

A brother said, sometimes, his father got drunk, he will pull said: “if you were born in a rich family, let you read a bit better, you can into the Tsinghua University, now life is better.”

Often at this time, the A brothers would laugh and say, “who knows, well, just to enjoy bears jerseys peppers the map, do not get on the examination of the university is still a question.”

Yes, the son of a wealthy, not necessarily succeed, too, was born into a poor family, also not destined to suffer a big. Is a hero, is not afraid of their origin, efforts, and insisted that God will give the corresponding gift, all or in their own hands.

Occasionally heard someone complained: “my family on this condition, money no money, to bears jerseys peppers the relationship is not related, how can I do?” But, who said the family conditions are not good, lost in the starting line, you can comfortably go all the way to lose? Don’t and will fail, all of the reasons are attributed to the family background?

Don’t be so innocent? Are adults, you know, the starting line is never lost, not to force the bears jerseys patch excuse, if no matter how stoop, the starting line in front, is also in vain.

Person’s life ultimately have to go through their own, by the powerful parents are able to go relatively easily some, but also in the easy to lose some of the important ability of personal growth. We should learn from childhood, now all parents, in hard times, parents can help you out, but not always rely on their parents, we want, must ultimately by themselves to strive for.

Suddenly think of a problem, “do not let their children lose at the starting bears jerseys peppers line,” this sentence in the end who used the most? In fact, carefully think, nothing more than two industries, real estate and training institutions. And then carefully think, feel all the reason is self-evident.

Life is a marathon, not all of the players are standing on the same starting line, not necessarily standing in front of, will be able to win the game.