Life is full of Life is often unrelated boys variables. But does not mean dallas cowboys jerseys choices that life is speculation. Choice decision success or failure, efforts also determine success or failure. Choosing errors leads to failure; but if you give up, you don’t even have a choice. Your previous efforts, your previous pay, so that you are qualified at the critical moment to make key choices. A good student, can choose different universities, choose different destiny. A poor student? He even know Peking University Tsinghua is the best choice, also not qualified to choose. Of course, students do not represent the failure, he can make another choice, School of business. Dropping out of school is a key choice, but deciding how successful he is is the next step. So, the so-called “choice” is just a qualification given by the efforts. Efforts do not guarantee that you must choose the right, but the harder you work, the more you choose.

Xiang Yu at the banquet that choose to let go of Liu Bang, Wujiang suicide. But if there is no drastic commites playing out of fame and power, Liu Bang did not go to dinner with him Hongmen with profound respect and humility authentic nfl jerseys, not to mention the miss miss.

To the Qing Dynasty, it is the key to make the choice in these three thousand years have seen change in the situation “, but it didn’t have a choice of national sovereignty, foreign policy, strong weak will be beaten, beaten, why? Do you know how hard it is?

A foreign, lazy no choice are the same.

I do not know which port, what winds are contrary; even if the sails are too lazy to stand up, even to know the way to the right port, only spin in the sea also.

I have not love small watt steam kettle will see the story of the invention of the steam engine, not because it is a false story, but because it gives us a hint, it seems great invention depends on a smart choice or discovery, and ignore the hard work behind the pay. In fact, Watt improved the attention is not invented the steam engine, improved process difficult, lack of funds, technology difficult, there are a variety of patent struggle, most miserable time Watt can do a part-time job canal surveyor. From the decision to join the improved steam engine technology to the final version of the watt steam engine, Watts nfl jerseys for sale took more than and 20 years, among various kinds of tragedy miserable, a bite to fruition, refining out congenital Lingbao steam engine. Attributed his success to good, it was too easy.

Not to mention Fulton and his “idiot”.

Newton’s apple, the filament of Edison, the explosives of Mr Nobel, the bacteria of Mr Pasteur, and the dropouts of MR, Mr Jobs and MR, all of them had hard work after their story. Their success or failure, just before or after the efforts related to the choice of critical moments, only determines the size of achievement.

So life and effort, but also related to the choice, the two are not antagonistic, but indispensable.

If you must be divided into a successively, I think the effort should be heavier than the choice.

One of my elders once in the Corps soldier, his leadership retired before several very young people called the past, said I can help you last time, send you to college, or arrange for you to be a driver. At that time the driver status is very high, most people have chosen the driver, only elders and another person chose to go to college. Elders study very hard, the other one is only intended to deposit a layer of college students gold. Then a few years out of college to accept the assessment, the elders ready to pass, then the other is silent Everything largest discount china jerseys is going smoothly. career. When the driver who, in a lifetime when the driver, only one use contacts in transportation, became wealthy.

Election right, not flying, but also white pull; wrong election, slowly go, but also to the distance.

Finally, please allow me to quote a quotation that is about to be cited:

Weizhizheshijingcheng, will the end of Bai Qin Guan Chu

Just days, three thousand more hardships, can swallow a Wu

Bold words, is the text of the eye.