I know an American Like it broncos woodyard jerseys kid who is the fundamental had a good time to eat after I went home in northern Jiangsu last year. He told me he was going to put this dish in my house on the dish he wanted to make. The child’s dream is to make a new pizza. He doesn’t think Italy pizza tastes good, and it’s just too boring, just to add something else to the cheese. So he is going to make a pizza pizza cake, this is his own with a special formula to do it, he wanted to make the world special delicious dishes piled on top, then all over the world to collect folk songs, what is to find the most delicious things, and then select some menu. He felt that our hometown dishes are placed in his pizza tray on the bread.

He came to our house when he was 17 years old. At the age of 18, he signed a contract with his father, agreed on the contract, his father’s wealth has nothing to do with him, his wealth has nothing to do with his father. The 18 year old decided not to go to college and graduate from high school. Now, he opened his first restaurant in San Francisco.

There are two kinds of occupation choice: the first choice is you know there is such a world all style jerseys
and the occupation, occupation requirement is the things you love; the second is no such thing in society, but in my mind, there’s something I want to create something out of this.

Shanghai has a super addicted to computer games students, he simply did not go after the university entrance exam, has been addicted to it, and it has developed into a professional. Now he has set up an online game testing company online, consisting of more than and 50 young friends who are addicted to computer games. What do they do? Is an online game company to do a game specifically for them to play, test the game can not let people indulge. They can also tell the game company, how to improve the ability to make people addicted, and he is out of the test fee is very expensive. In the The Virtual Corporation, if you will be hired, the starting salary is 5000 – 6000 yuan, second years almost monthly salary can reach twenty thousand yuan, higher than the general undergraduate and graduate income. Why? Because this is a group of children with love. You think about it, addiction is a kind of love!

Many people don’t know what they like to do, but he knows he likes to play games. Like the American kid who just said, he knew what he jerseys china factory liked and what he was looking for in high school. There is no such thing in the University, so people simply do not go to school; there is no computer game addiction in the University, there is no computer games, so they do not have to go to college. Besides, playing computer games, which university professor can play these students? They only teach university professor out, no university professors teach them.

If you can understand these things in high school before, there is some professional I love or something, but it also did not appear in the University, so I decided not to test, or I will go to those specialized secondary schools in the school, such as cooking, cooking school, I read it a secondary school is finished, why go to college?

There are some boys or girls always say “my mother said I should study financial, finance, what is generally what mom said. What kind of professional for this child? In fact, this cheap jerseys online kind of students learn any professional! However, he did not learn any professional. He said what you mean to let him go to school which he would go, because the parents let him go; that he could not learn what major, said he did not learn what professional, because he had no love for the profession.

Like it or not, is the fundamental.