The 33 year old Lin Dan chose to participate in the 3 cheap jerseys online tournament back to back to back the way to start their 2017 season, this will be the Rio Olympics Lin Dan for the first time in the international arena. No laurels, not because of his lazy of noble character and high prestige. At the national badminton training base in Hainan, Lingshui, Lin Dan and every member of the national team training seriously, even more serious than the young players. To win the 20 world champion Lin Dan clear want to pay what to reach this dream, especially in the present age has been more and more big.

This is after 2007, Lin Dan once again in Germany, the UK and the continuous Swiss three races, the Lin Dan match in Germany and the UK won the championship, Switzerland match into the top 4, at that time Lin Dan was not the Olympic champion, is on the best way to become history. 10 years later, Lin Dan once cheap jerseys china again discharged this arrangement, he is already the best player in the history of badminton. There are a lot of fans will feel that at this age, so much honor, Lin Dan retired to rest. After the Olympic Games, Lin Dan did have such a sign, but do not forget that after the London Olympic Games to win, Lin Dan almost a year off, but he finally came back.

Lin Dan left for the stage China badminton team, not only improve the paper strength, also have the effect of stability. Lin Dan the leader of the world country feather won the Olympic Games in Rio Chen long considered, Chen long in the world championships and the Olympic Games this individual competition to prove their strength, but buy nfl jerseys several key events of the group lost or how much fans a little heart to his leadership, have like Lin Dan Dinghaishenzhen, Chen Long shoulder pressure will be relatively easier.

In addition, although the country feather now in the world’s top ten singles charts occupy 4 seats, and the age distribution of four former ten is relatively wide, a minimum of 96 years of Shi Yuqi and the oldest 83 years of Lin Dan, and Chen long and Tian Wei two players, the country feather singles echelonconstruction Ye looks very reasonable. But do not forget, after the Olympic Games in Rio, Chen long and Lin Dan long absence international court case, only Shi Yuqi a star on behalf of the feather of the men’s singles have made some achievements in the international arena. 96 years have the advantage of Dan Yuqi really in age? He really is the youngest in the top ten, but the team is only 94 years old and Wu, Tokyo Olympic Games can be said to be playing when the year, in terms cheap jerseys for sale of strength, Shi Yuqi did not fully prevail. Lin Dan left for the country feather men’s mentoring role not in general, he is not only a spiritual leader of the young players. He has all the people than the experience and tactical ability, Lin Dan is another great wealth for the country feather it.