London bowl will play four games next year. How far is London from a NFL team?

Ever since the NFL launched the Universal Series, the question has been on the minds of fans: Will London have a local team?

Looking at the recent boom in the London Bowl, London deserves to have its own NFL team, so let’s take a look at what’s going on in London and the league.

Question 1: when will London have a team?

According to Mark Waller, the league’s top executive, existing labor contracts and media partnerships expire in 2020 and 2022, respectively, so London is likely to host a team stationed at its doorstep in 2022.

“When we found out that the teams that played in London were able to move easily between home and away matches and maintain a high level of competitiveness, we realized that London was more likely to have a team than ever before,” Mark said. “We’ve been testing everything that happens in London, including Wembley. We find everything is quite up to the requirements of the stadium, the heat of the market and so on.

Mark’s statement was best certified in the week of the hawk and raiders. When the match was moved to Wembley due to a Spurs stadium problem, an extra 20,000 tickets were sold in a flash, and the match became the most crowded nfl London bowl jerseys – a record that was subsequently broken by a match between the Hawks and the Jaguar, which saw an astonishing 8-point crowd on the spot. More than 15,000 people, compared with the domestic market in the United States, only the Cowboys have had a higher number of spectators this season.

The sudden failure of Spurs to put the new stadium into operation on schedule could have caused major setbacks in the long-term plans of the NFL in London, but the potential of the London market has been exploited with great misfortune. Therefore, both the League president Goodall and London Mayor Sadik are confident of the future development of the NFL in the city.

London wants to host the Super Bowl, but the League clearly sees it further and it is in its best interest to have a highly profitable team overseas. On Monday, the League announced that four games will be played in London in 2019, an increase of one game over this year, a big step forward from the ultimate goal of playing eight regular season games at home.

Question two: how do teams in London carry out their daily operations?

Once the dream comes true, given the ocean’s distance between London and the United States, the tournament is likely to feature a concentration of home and away games, which will help reduce the frequency of their international travel.

Mark claimed that London should also set up an operation center in the United States after the local team, on the one hand to facilitate the team’s training in the United States during the game, and more importantly to be able to manage the list of players, recruit players and various supplies.

As for the London team’s home court position, is still in the open, before the intention to buy Wembley Tiger owner Shad Khan has abandoned the attempt to buy, which means Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium will be the first choice for the NFL. The 60,000-strong new stadium also meets the NFL’s requirements. It is designed to accommodate both the upper and lower levels of the stadium, the green field for football, and the lower layers of the stadium are folded into an artificial turf. The NFL has confirmed that it will host two NFL matches in the UK next season, although the stadium has been delayed.

Tottenham’s enthusiasm for the NFL is evident, as evidenced by the items on sale at the stadium store, where fans can buy most of the NFL team’s jerseys and equipment.

“If we don’t see the future of an NFL team in London, we won’t do so much work on the new stadium,” Spurs chairman Daniel Levy told ESPN. “But to be honest, we can’t say 100 percent that there will be a team in London or that we will use our stadium. We’re working hard. Let it all happen. “