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my undergraduate is ranked outside the top 300 schools, with different professional backgrounds, I do not know what, put professional book verbatim all back, fluorescent strokes full of books. Mathematics, English is also insist on doing every day, 6 in the morning to the classroom, the summer of 38 degrees, I am a person. One month ago, I was out of the classroom at 3 a.m. every day, and then I got up at about 6 in the morning. Finally, I admitted, although not Peking University, Tsinghua University, but also the top 40 schools in the country, after the exam, I lost a lot of, has become a big beauty in the eyes of everyone.

I was learning the computer, the results for a securities company, gehangrugeshan. The regulations of the company must take an examination of securities qualification certificate within a month, the whole house for more than and 10 days, even eat instant noodles feel a waste of time, go to bed at 2 every day, 7 points up, in addition to sleep, eyes never left the book. The shoulders are also swollen, but not enough to want to beat, take an umbrella hit…… Later, the successful completion of this difficult task.

@ University, second days at 9 in the morning the night before the test, 9 point is jerseys at best nba discount not to borrow this course book. 10 pm start, trance, see the left nostril bleed blocking; right nostril flow again, and then blocking, finally Zhangzhetaizui, candles and read hundreds of pages, then a few minutes before the exam sit in the examination room with the last page of the textbook…… The final score.

Test @ SAT, one or two points every night to sleep for second days, then 6 points up to class a month off more than 1 thousand page book, by the way to get rid of the GRE red book, only to see the day reading English test is ChinaDaily, just want to see a week after, no back a word……

junior high school for three years I was a little math Tai Mei, never more than 30 points, a former senior high school entrance examination began suddenly wake up, get up at 4 every day strive for progress with determination, sleep at 12, just over 3 years of learning physics and chemistry, and later at the senior high school entrance examination achievement is actually supply replica nba jerseys full of medium grade.

@ once in the two hospital and a private nursing work at the same time, for a whole year, even the morning shift, night shift on the night shift, night shift work sleep 4 hours, and to take care of the patient. On average every week to 10 to 15 classes, even my cell phone message has changed to: I was either sleeping, or at work, no time to pick up your phone, please leave a message……

4 got up at 40 in the north, the dark morning wore knife like wind the first dark to play flashlight reading classroom. Don’t eat lunch at noon to go to cram school or others, take a nap with my English, other classmates wake up my lunch in the hallway, reading at night to 12 points. Later, the college entrance examination scores from the class of more than 60 has been to the top largest discount nba jerseys second, did not do the first has been very sorry.

A male university students, usually play every day, before the exam began to stay up late. His foot on the lower edge of the bed, put the book on the floor, not on a man falling small railings to prevent it, he put the neck reading there, there will be a relaxing doze hanging effect, then wake up choking. Don’t know what the ancients said, “the first cantilever” is not so, anyway, he has to cross the border.