Do you know all these 8 faces of Philip Rivers?

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In the seventh week of the regular season, NFL London will be the second time this season at Wembley Stadium. The Los Angeles Chargers from the western United States will play against Tennessee Titan in the southern part of the United States. For the Chinese audience, the game was held at 21:30 Beijing time, can be described as a “golden upstart” grand occasion, explained that NFL China will join Tencent Sports for you to bring live broadcast of the game, wonderful can not be missed!

When it comes to Los Angeles Chargers jerseys, the drifting team has a tepid record, with a veteran four-point guard in the crossbar League for more than a decade. Philip Rivers, like the Chargers team, has never caught fire in the public eye, even if he was one of the three big quarterbacks of the 041 season, even if he had the richest expression pack in the league.

[for father to join Rivers]

Philip Rivers chose No. 17 because of his father, Steve Rivers, a well-known local high school basketball coach. Influenced by this, little Rivers loved basketball best. In fifth grade, Rivers used to put his head on the cover of a well-known basketball magazine during a manual assignment, pretending he was already a high-profile basketball genius.

Thank God, Rivers finally chose rugby. The basketball court lacks a mediocre point guard, and the rugby court has an additional commander with wisdom and decisiveness.

The other quarterbacks, at best one or two quarterbacks of the same rank, are not Phillip Rivers. His career is destined to be associated with many super quarterback.

Before entering the league, he was another outstanding quarterback. His name was Drew Bracey. Eventually, Chargers turned to younger, more quarterback-like Rivers, and Briss had to travel to New Orleans to join the Saints.

[from end to end Rivers]

Philip Rivers jerseys is a single man. From high school to university to NFL, Rivers has been wearing number 17. Rivers is also committed to love. After his high school wife Tiffany fell in love, there was no woman in his life who could shake Tiffany’s status.

Philip was a supporter of North Carolina from an early age. Considering his love of basketball as a teenager, it’s not surprising to see him fall in love with North Carolina as Jordan becomes an emperor star step by step. However, such a loyal North Carolina fan did not get a letter from North Carolina after graduating from high school. So Rivers chose North Carolina State from “love and hate”. He must be the most miserable time for the North Carolina olive fans in the years he served.

With the development of sports science, the professional life of athletes is getting longer and longer, and with the particularity of the position of quarterback, more and more “old men” begin to break a record. Brady looks like he can hit 45 years old. Bracey doesn’t look at his age as a problem.

However, Rivers didn’t even think about playing football for so long. In his career plan, he will retire before the age of 40, and then become a high school football coach.

Considering that Rivers is 37 years old this year. Treasure it. The old man wears the scene of No. 17 slaughter. It takes a glance.

Rivers will lead Los Angeles Chargers in an overseas battle with Tennessee Titan at Wembley Stadium at 21:30 on October 21, Beijing time. Tencent Sports and Blockbuster will broadcast the game live and NFL Rugby APP will also broadcast the full text of the game live.