Vow to win the Super Bowl superstar teammate surrounded by GF.

The 2017 season was great for the Los Angeles Bulls, but this year it’s totally different. The Bulls are under tremendous pressure because they’ve become a strong contender for the Super Bowl championship this season. During the off-season, the Rams brought in superstars such as Ndamkon-Su, Marcus-Peters and Akib-Talib, traded an incredibly fast successor, Brandin-Cooks, and renewed the contract of the best offensive player of the year, Todd-Gerley. Although the Aron Donald strike has not yet been resolved, the Los Angeles rams have begun to pounce on the Super Bowl jerseys, and now the rams’question is no longer whether the team can play together, but “what else can they do this year?”

And all this heavy responsibility falls on Jared GF. As the No. 1 pick in 2016, the Rams’starting quarterback, although he was very good at playing under pressure in college, but when the pressure of the Super Bowl fell on his shoulders, could the young man lead the Rams to a breakthrough?

Last season, Jared Goff had a total of 3804 yards, 28 touchdowns and seven interceptions, and the quarterback scored 100.5. Most notably, his pass in the red zone was not intercepted. Compared to the rookie season, Golf has made great progress, and the ram is precisely on this trait of Golf, so he chose to gamble boldly in the 2008 season. Beside the golf, there is already a satisfying offensive line, plus Todd Gerley, Brandin Cooks, Robert Woods and other excellent offensive players, plus the best coach of the year Sean McVeigh. This perfect set of settings will help Jared Gough continue to make progress, and it depends on his mentality how high he can lead the ram.

“Last year there were some details. I didn’t have much time to study and improve these details. Last year I thought I learned a lot, but now when I look back, I find I’m still too young. In fact, at any point in time, I feel this way when I look back at myself. ”

Gough’s mind is relaxed. He’s not a person who stays in the past. NFL Los Angeles rams jerseys has taught him not to be stuck in the past. He just wants to look forward to the 2018 season, and now he’s surrounded by star players, the young man is a bit inflated, he feels a bright future, the champion seems to be in front of him. Gough is still a young quarterback, but last season he has built up confidence to win and shaken off the rookie season’s decline. This year will be a further step for GF.

“I don’t care much about the past, and I won’t be under any pressure. I know what I can do now. I just want to concentrate on getting where I want to be, leading the team to attack and win every game. This year my team is in good shape and the players are excellent, so I will continue to work on that basis and we are ready to win the highest honor. As time goes on, I want to take charge of these games and some interesting things will happen this season.

Gough, with the spirit of a young man, surrounded by a group of NFL’s most famous stars, is sure that anyone will be proud of it. In terms of paper strength, the Rams have a unique class of strength, but can the reality develop as Gough said, can the team win the final trophy in the 2008 season? All this can only be observed slowly after the beginning of the season.