Soon to cornerback Johnson Trueman in cheap jerseys online Losangeles ram hit privilege label, reported that they were discussing the deal, saying good-bye to Johnson at the start of the 2017 season.

However, there is no progress in the transaction, and now ESPN reported that the team is willing to consider other options. Rams did not rule out the possibility of trading, but they are also willing to renew the contract with Johnson.

According to reports, the two sides of the negotiations is expected to begin in the offseason after the end of the training team for the first time. The arrangement is in line with the plan described by Snyder, general manager of the team, in March, when he explained the decision to give the privilege tag to the owner of the company in.

Team injuries:
The Black Hawk of the season is not too much injuries, the relatively complete lineup, in addition to the team two group center atan – Asimov is injured in the game with the Montreal Canadiens in regular season games, the Black Hawk offense has certain impact. However, according to the recent Q coach revealed to the media that the news, Asimov has started training with the team, is expected to be the first comeback in the playoffs.

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley cup in the past experience is their 4 group attack can be played at the critical moment, the team now tend to be younger, if these young players can maintain standards in the playoffs stable play, then it will greatly increase the probability of winning the black hawk. Here are a few of the young players to watch in the playoffs:

Chicago Black Hawk introduction and analysis of the playoffs this year

Black Hawk this season, the most dazzling new performance, active in the field, can attack and defend. The team in cheap jerseys china the early stages of the season has gone through a number of times in the playoffs have played a good Andrew – Shaw, before the start of the season, the black hawk from AHL recalled rookie Ruian – Hartmann to replace Shaw in the team position. Hartmann is good at each other in front of the goal to quickly find a position for the team to play the ball, this season, the four groups in the front line have tried, and the results are good, the current season, 19 goals, 12 assists.

“Because everyone is not familiar, we need to train together, live together and see if we can play together,” Snyder said. “For Wade Trueman Phillips? Wade is by then?”

The 21 year old striker because the season is not done on down to AHL, after a short period of time of a month, when he was recalled again when the team has been completely different this season, won 27 points (including 6 goals and 21 assists), both in a group and Taifusi partner, or in two Kaine and his group center to replace the absence of the injured Asimov, obviously Q coach has regarded him as the team striker TOP6.

These questions may have a better answer after the team started training. A full season will allow these questions to get the most comprehensive answer, but if the two sides can complete the contract so that the contract can reduce the privilege of Johnson’s $16 million 700 thousand salary cap space.

The second half of the season due to injury to Asimov, Carol had been coaching in the 2 group Kaine and his partner, even if only temporary replacement but also gave the team a lot of surprises, Cairo has very good defensive ability, in less often play anti multi coach. This season because the team and he signed a two-year contract, I believe that the coach and the team’s management is to see the flash of his body. In this year’s playoffs, he is most likely to be arranged by coach in the 3 or the group of 4.

Overall, this season the Chicago Blackhawks almost has a variety of conditions required for the Stanley cup, Kaine, Tevs, Keith, Si china jerseys Brooke, Hosa, Crawford is the team’s core players and absolutely rely on their rich experience in the playoffs, the team is a valuable asset, as long as these players play stable in the playoffs. To maintain a high level of outstanding young players, plus a desire for the championship, I believe the Blackhawks within 8 years fourth Stanley cup also point the day and await for it.