Draft is approaching, cheap authentic jerseys today we will introduce you to participate in this NFL draft of the various positions of outstanding players. First of all, is brought about by the very concerned about the running position. This year, as a running year, a number of high-quality rookie, a look at it.

Leonard – Faure Nate, Louisiana

Height 185 cm, weight of 104 kg, 40 yards sprint for 4.51 seconds

Introduction: the first run of the wei. High school three years out of nearly an average of nearly 2000 yards per year, Faure Nate is considered to be a freshman in 2014 in the country ranked first in the country. Ever since he started his college career in Louisiana, he has been regarded as the strength of the first round. In the 2015 season he also proved his strength, in the 12 game with the ball out of the country’s third of the 1953 yards of the 22 array. In the 2016 season, Faure Nate has been affected by the injury, a total of only played in the 7 game to take the ball 129 times. But for running guard, the injury actually protected him from too much impact. The NFL scouts are not as worried about last year Heisman award winner Derek – Henry as concerns about his physical condition, but also because of this, Faure Nate has been very optimistic about the market competition.

Faure Nate is a powerful running guard. Is he the most prominent advantages, often before being stopped by the severely hit the opponent’s defensive player, there are a lot of code number is got after contact, balance is also very good, generally only the hand is pulling his, also can effectively use the ball on the arm to interfere with each other defensive player. So good at short yards and the ball in front of the ball. The speed is not bad, in fact, he took the ball to the opponent after the first line of defense is a little too fast, so there is no time to make a change. His ability to identify opponents loopholes need to improve, can read out the first vulnerability, but in second time reading opponents defense, often make the wrong decision, it is the lack of patience, not be able to control the rhythm of the game. But once out of the sky, you will be able to show in this relatively tall stature of his rare explosive force, almost never been chased from behind. However, the situation is somewhat worrying about losing the ball. Cover ability is good, can also catch the ball, but the ability to run the route needs to be improved.

In general, it is also a problem with the lack of experience in reading the opponent’s defense. But cheap jerseys authentic these can’t hide his great talent for speed and power. There is no doubt that this is the first run. A recent news report, in the end he has lost 10 pounds, but the weight loss in the end there will be a positive or negative effect on the potential selection of his team, it is hard to say.

Draft picks: No. fourth, Jacksonville jaguars, or no. eighth, Carolina Panthers

Christian -, Stanford University

Height 183 cm, weight of 91 kg, sprint for 4.48 seconds, 40 seconds, high jump and run at the top of the three points

Introduction: a football family. His father Ed McCaffrey is the two 1997-98 season two consecutive Denver Broncos main receivers, brother Marx – McCaffrey is an unsuccessful rookie last year, now in the Green Bay Packers roster, two brother Dylan and Luke are also the best high school player. Christian is a versatile running back in the 2015 season, the 337 red ball got second of the country’s 2019 yards and 8 touchdowns, and 45 receptions to 645 yards and 5 touchdowns, plus a 1070 yard kickoff return yards and 130 punt return yards, the total number of 3864 yards, breaking the legend of Barry Saunders in 80s 3250 code for NCAA record, single season history first.

Professionalism and physical fitness. But, like last year’s Derek Henry, in the university to take the ball too much, will let NFL teams have concerns, the need to limit his playing time in selected him, lest his body consumption too fast. Nevertheless, he is in the ball, the ball and back to the three aspects of the ability to attack, still worthy of the first round.

McCaffrey in the speed, the ability to catch and professionalism of these three aspects have a top ability. He trained very hard, in the game before being stopped, will as much as possible the number of codes used in a variety of ways, college career 731 times the ball just dropped the ball 4 times, far more than Faure Nate and Cook below. Change the direction and the ability to escape the first class, with the ball after the first wave of sprint is very fast, in the direction of change is almost impossible to see deceleration. The ability to catch the ball is no doubt in the running of the first, good at finding the right position, the ability to run the line and hand eye coordination is also very good. The ability to read the defense is not as prominent as the three, but it is also very good to make the right decisions at full speed. In contrast, the strength is his weakness, this in vivo test was evident only 9 bench press is really embarrassing, it is not suitable for short yardage and gate line situation.

Overall, McCaffrey as an all-around running guard, speed and balance of the first class, the ball like authentic nfl jerseys Henry, catch the ability to run this is the first guard, the ability to return to attack in the University also show incisively and vividly. For the team that already has the strength to run, McCaffrey will be very suitable.

Forecast dplace: No. fourteenth, Philadelphia Eagle (his succession template, 34 year old Rawls’s Darren); or seventeenth, Washington Redskins.