If it weren’t for Love you more broncos you, I knew the world game worn jerseys than you would see my disability. I do not want to let others see, do not want to let a word “waste” easily pierced my heart. Baby, please forgive me for pretending you. Because of you, I don’t have the courage to show you. I know I’m pretending you’re pretending to be me.

From the womb, you just follow me, never abandon, silently, with me for more than and 40 years, until now. My first memory of you is this: when I was about six years old, my brother and I play soy in the sun, I wore a blue floral gown of the beautiful young mother sitting beside us naxie. Mother inadvertently see my brother and I do not like the place – the left hand. My brother and I play two hands soybeans, playing with the right hand only, the left hand falls aside. So I started a medical course in her mother’s arms, I also started the tears than laughter of childhood. I remember the first time I came to the world because of my hands. That day, the elder brother raised his cheap football jerseys right hand and said, “long live Chairman mao!” I learn the appearance of my brother, but also the right hand to say “long live Chairman Mao.” his brother and his left hand to say, “long live Chairman Mao”, I raise my left hand, but can not lift up. I use a great effort, my left arm is still there. I was crying. I caught my brother’s face, and then I grabbed my mother’s face. That year I was seven years old. From then on I understand one thing, my left hand and other children’s left hand is not the same.

When I cry, do you feel bad for me? You hang soundless and stirless on my left, to become an indisputable fact, I is different from the other child’s left arm, I have become indifferent to life cannot be changed in the birthmark or even mark.

You know what? When I cry, my mother is crying, she is secretly crying, I can not see where to cry. My mother would not cry, always put me in his arms, touch you in the light, you see. When I take a shower, take a bath for you first, when I cut my nails, cut your nails first. Later, with my mother, from the village to the town to the county, to the city to the province, to treat you, this is the mother pack pack for three years, but will not cure your disease. The mother asked the doctor, is there really no hope? The doctor said, No. Mother burst into tears.

The doctor said that you had polio sequelae. Your muscle atrophy, your right arm than the small lot, not good-looking. I put you hide, hide in the sleeve, in addition to my mother, I will not easily let others see you. From then on, I learned how to fake. Pretend you, disguise myself.


You followed me and walked into the school. You know what? Into the school for a moment nba jerseys for sale, in the face of dozens of pairs of stars like eyes, my face red. I’m afraid they’ll see you and make fun of me. Because of you, I am afraid of physical education. The students went to the playground, I was hiding in the classroom, the windows and doors are closed. Later, I was discovered by the principal. I don’t have the courage to betray you. On the second day, all the teachers and students in the general assembly, the president criticized me, and called me to the stage debut. I like under the watchful eyes of the people, being stripped of clothes, shame. How is the meeting later, I can’t remember, I only remember me with you, hiding in the toilet cry. At that time, I read the first two days, has self-esteem.

Because of your ugly, I was hurt. For a long time, I hate you, hate you, I always want to hide you more hidden. I hate you, I don’t want to see you again, I’m afraid to see you. But the time at home in the bath, after stripping off the clothes, I still have to be avoided with your face. Look at you, I’m shocked and depressed. You are so weak and feeble, in my eyes is so strange. Who are you? Why did you follow me? At that moment, I even have the idea of self mutilation, I think, if there is a knife, I will pick up a knife to cut you down, throw away. I hate you, but you still so quietly, hell-bent follow me, I can see you later, my heart is wet. People can have a right-hand man, you ugly, I also help ah.

On the third day, because of you, I have trouble, in fact, is not only trouble, you even my future and destiny are rewritten.

On the eve of graduation, I fell in love with a girl named mei. Because of you, I love her, but I do not dare to tell her. When I finally summon nfl jerseys free shipping the courage to the last page of a short letter into her books, I found out that she and the other boys in the moonlight of the woods.

Later in the exam, followed by graduation. She did well in the senior high school entrance examination, I go; because of your existence, secondary examination did not pass, only to go home.

I stayed at home all day, doing nothing, lying in bed sleeping. My mother came in with a bowl of rice, urging me to get up and eat. Mother is calling my name, call, advise, advise to later, I had to temper, I said: “don’t you tube!” The mother was holding a bowl Leng Leng, Leng became a statue.