Lynch has sought to return to active negotiations with Raiders

The United States Thursday,chaep authentic jerseys Oakland Raiders and horse Sean Lin Qizheng expansion of positive negotiations, the veteran running back is actively seeking to pay for the formalities, so that he can successfully return to the NFL arena, Oakland Raiders and Ma Sean – Lynch has basically determined the outcome of the negotiations.

Ma Sean Lynch ended his occupation career in the 2015 season, he was born and grew up in Oakland, although the Oakland Raiders will cease to exist, but at least after the two season Raiders will move to Las Vegas, so Lynch will be able to stay in their home.

In section third, to equalise the Canadiens became impatient, but each team striker has not played its proper strength, completely failed to organize an effective attack, single shot but positive to 6:13 behind, but the opponent goalkeeper Rehnquist throughout the game are kept as strong as iron, facing 31 shots to all Canadians fighting, scored tenth career playoff shutout occupation, with the last moment glaab Na into an empty net ball, the Rangers defeated the Canadians to 2:0, captured the first road win.

The game will hurt more than the Bruins, two group center Kretsch, defender Krueger and Carlo sidelined, forcing the Bruins Ritchie last year’s first round pick Mike Wray, Young’s first major league game is the key in the playoffs, the game he played 24 minutes in the second team captain Chala, well done the first show. In addition to the defender and Senator Mazatlan outside the main basic full debut.

The first section of the Bruins occupy a certain field wholesale authentic nfl jerseys active, but the senator’s defense is very robust, forcing the Bruins repeatedly failed to attack.

The second section on the field fifth minutes defender bears a sudden change in the situation, Colin Miller injured, so bear a huge crisis, the entire second quarter Bruins not once shots, since 1939 the first time the team suffered such distress situation. Tenth minutes to seize the opportunity to take the opportunity to take the first place, the entire season, the poor performance of Ryan from the brown bear guard stick to break the ball, a man broke into the front row shot, finally broke the deadlock. But then the bears assistant keeper card Lasker took over the game, he made 26 saves for the team to hold the opportunity to face the counter ultra 27 shots.

At present, the Seahawks lists Lynch retired, but the Seattle Seahawks does not care about these problems, they also allow Lynch to meet with the Raiders, general manager of the Seahawks talked about Lynch’s problems also made this will eventually happen “said that because of Lynch’s retirement formalities, if Lynch wants to return he don’t need to too many procedures, and once Lynch made a comeback, then the Seahawks will directly capital plus $9 million, which makes the Seahawks have to cut out or deal with Lynch, but in any case the new season Lynch will get a new contract with the Raiders, the Seahawks are also discussing such transactions, Raiders and Lynch reached a consensus on the contract may also remove other problems.

Sean – Lynch is actively seeking a comeback, he is ready chaep jerseys china to go through the formalities of the comeback, it seems that soon will be re emergence of the people in front of the.