At present, there is a focus on cheap jerseys the focus of the market, that is, the possibility of Sean – Lynch comeback. Oakland Raiders is Lynch’s “beast mode” which is the Raiders constantly make eyes at a man, long before interest. It is said that Lynch is considering a comeback this season and that Lynch may only join the raiders.

Sean, ma - Lynch

But the key is, Ma Sean – Lynch also admitted he had not personally to return from retirement and re play, but he has maintained a good body very carefully considering the return of the problem, he hasn’t made any choice just now.
But Lynch the idea is that if you choose to return, then he will join the Oakland Raiders, but in fact, this time Lynch want to return the rumors than previous news all the time to the much more real.

The reliable news also revealed that only these, why only choose Raiders obviously associated with the current lineup, the Seahawks salary space. Oakland is the hometown of Lynch, retired a year unemployed in the home, although Lynch took a lot of time to play in the world, but to stay at home for the “old beast” is the best attribution, maybe we have a chance to see the horse Sean Lynch wore Raiders Jersey to show “the beast mode” in the game, but this is going to wait for Lynch to say all this.

The jets signed the former Brown quarterback

The New York jets quarterback is a urgent need, today they signed a veteran quarterback for the young squad to bring some experience, the veteran four is the former Cleveland quarterback Brown Josh McCain, jet and McCain today signed a contract for 1 years.

Josh McCain is 37 years old this year, before the start of the season McCain will be 38 years old. He and New York jet at the weekend to talk about for a long time, both sides finally completed negotiations, McKoen can get $6 million from the jets next season in the security, to be able to earn about $7 million in salary, but it is in the bonus, every game if he played more than 50% offensive files the number, then after each game McKoen will receive a $125 thousand bonus, if McKoen can successfully answer all the game, McKoen can get a $2 million bonus. If he can lead the jets playoff, then he can receive a $2 million bonus, and into the super bowl and won the championship, McKoen can gain a bonus of $3 million for jet and the strength of McKoen, the remaining $5 cheap jerseys china million basic only a fantasy.

Over the past 15 years, Josh McCain had 8 teams, however, McCain has once again proved that he is not able to serve as the main team quarterback, his state of great fluctuation, can sometimes came up front, and not stop sending steals game ruined. Last season Brown McCain in the outgoing 1100 yards and 6 touchdowns, but 6 steals. But in 2015 he came 2109 yards and 12 touchdowns only 4 steals, but in 2014 he completed 2206 yard touchdown pass 11 14 steals, is simply a nerve knife, so the jet decided to let the outside world is very puzzling.

The New York giants added to their quarterback, after successfully passed the physical examination in the former New York jets quarterback Gino Smith, he went to New York for another team, the New York giants.
After a cruciate ligament injury last season, he still need to repair his injury in the offseason, Smith will not be so Gino too early in the New York giants began training. For this contract, New York giants manager Jerry – Rees feel very good.

“Gino has a good attitude, very positive, he is looking forward to Study hard in our cheap nfl jerseys quarterback lineup and competition.” Rees said.
Smith should be ready with the giant existing backup quarterback Johnson race second Josh bench position, Eli Manning is a giant absolute starting quarterback, but with age, the giant worried about Manning, though, since November 2004 to become the starting quarterback Eli Manning never misses a giant game.

Gino Smith this year 26 years old, he still have a lot of room to grow, but he is also an urgent need to prove their strength. In the past two seasons, Smith has only spread out of the top 3, throughout his career, he will always be sent to send a copy of the crazy characters. Last season, Smith was the only genaux 126 yards, a touchdown one steals, then for the season.