L is my roommate,Make a backup of your young exactly, she is a university when with bears white jerseys mix in Department of economic and Trade Department of our dormitory girl. On the day of school reports, the girls around the dormitory are standard family, so L a man carrying a large plastic woven bag into the dormitory’s image is very shocking.

The whole university, the same dormitory girl besides classes, shopping is dating, and L as two jobs also joined the literary agency, Calligraphers Association, reporter station and dance association. General impression, keen to participate in the community, especially an activity would not miss the girl is lively and exquisite, but L is not, she does not have a modest attitude, be scanty of words, aggressive, so often people ignore her presence. Can be such a girl, after graduation to make people glasses crash, do a variety of people envy and jealousy thing.

The University for four years, L has done a copy shop typist, made tea restaurant Waiter, doing communication shop operator, also in the winter and summer vacations have family, oh, she also insisted on doing a semester at the campus booksellers, at that time the renren.com fire, L from the wholesale market of books is back. Many graduate textbooks, textbooks on the Internet to sell around the needs of the people, she sells books have been three or four dollars cheaper than the bookstore, and door-to-door, so it is very popular with the students. In short, L school every day is in a hurry to depart this pair of busy state. Initially, we thought L crazy work must have a last ditch difficulties, even slightly sympathetically advised her not to work too hard, L always smiled and nodded, without explanation.

In fact, in the calm life mode we are different, we go, in addition to the necessary learning time is arbitrary casual, with the cost of living fun shopping enjoy love, while the L is loaded on the road, she is like a magnet, learn more than professional knowledge, there will be live in their basic skills, economic independence, time accumulated to a certain extent, the result is self-evident.

The eve of graduation, everyone is very hard to run in a variety of recruitment and examination, especially a lot of professional in the choice of work is not competitive, even if it is a popular professional enterprise also pay more attention to practical experience of many candidates picky, so many people do not work in the face of love will choose.

My luck should be good, for a small company mix for half a year experience, published in succession in the magazine, I enjoy walking in the text in this sense, after not begun to taste the sweetness of arrogance, that can be achieved by the office of food and clothing, so self willed and resigned.

After half a year, I have a piece of money to buy three Steamed Buns eat two days down, but what about the burden of six hundred dollars a month rent jerseys different color. Is the gray but still want to do the last struggle in the house before the expiry of the cheek for students in the group who L extended an olive branch to me.

At that time, L in the work of the rest, has been in preparation for their own bookstore, also struggling in poverty line in my case, this is simply a disastrous stimulus.

The economic distress makes me anxious, wait for twenty days and I still don’t have a single fee, I couldn’t concentrate on writing this matter, L looked at me and said: “the summer, you jerseys Free Shipping should first find a job.”

I nodded, thinking to find a L salary salesman, but the L frowned, she felt that this idea is very bad.

“Why?” I am very surprised, this can not only solve the problem of food and clothing and spare time to write, it is a good choice.

L said seriously: “work experience is like a savings card, and your experience in marketing savings is equal Wholesale jerseys authentic to zero. Do you find a job to pay jerseys from china the time cost is too high, even to find a job, it takes a long time to hone, you pay a short time and can’t get to.”

“But you have no experience in this job?”

“I, the university has been doing backup.”

She looked at me, sitting next to me, and said: “before graduating from high school, I do not know what they want, the volunteer is also involved in the participation of parents to complete the. To get the admission notice, I went to a lot of cities with the tour group, go more places, I found myself more eager to walk alone. Have the idea, I began to consciously build Pyramid dream in the list, around the students are keen on consumption, I consider how the university four years to save deposit. When they were shopping, I typed in a copy shop, they are in love, I am going to do tutor. Third, I have to save the amount of the target set, half of the savings of financial management. Even if I am a multitasker, never willing to fall in a community, join the pen to practice calligraphy postcards can Meimei Da, join the literary club press station and to exercise their own to record all the interesting people and things encountered on the road, I challenge so much effort in every limit. Do one day of life back, I was so for your dream list prepared, step by step, slowly forward.”