Floor is my neighbor, I’m a year old. She was a Make bears jerseys with orange numbers child, and she was a little kid. She had left, he a child in love did my classmates and I, the results are not good. The teacher said, she is also head of the paste, when in front of the class, with your fingertips poke her eyebrows: “after you do what ah?”That night, we went home together.She  become dejected and despondent: “you say, then, what could we do?””I want to be Sanmao.” I kicked the stone.”What about me?” She adds, “the cart? Sweep the toilet?” I do not know why, it sounds very sad. The way to extract the building is done by hand. She put  piece of cloth cut into several pieces, were wrapped in cotton, suture, after assembly, is the head and limbs. She and two black buttons for eyes, black hair or wool twist, tie, or shawl; she gave dolls with velvet red lips, will be accomplished. In the end of the test, Lou Ting gave me a doll.

Last year, Tingting read technical school, practice in the factory, the factory main products are washing machine, washing machine is to move her work. To find such units is the limit, so the ability of building parents, her arm is swollen, also do not dare to give up.

One day, Lou Tingting excitedly told me that there is a game of women’s day, she  won the prize, entries is the doll. She is excited, is clearly more than a certificate: “I love a good kindergarten doll, asked me if I had the time to teach their teachers to do.”

Perhaps, you will be able to go to the kindergarten work?” I inspire her, “it’s more comfortable to move the washing machine in the workshop, right?”

She paid a lot of effort for it.

She did a lot of dolls, and gradually expand to various dolls from cheep jerseys the animal, twelve animals, the nike jerseys dinosaurs, all you.

She also came to me by the high school textbooks, she intends to participate in  the adult college entrance examination, because the principal said, need a college degree.

“Why did you go” ……” The father is always in a roar of the way to express love.

But she talked to me about a bigger dream. She said, the most favorite thing is to coax a bunch of children happy, she is also the most good at it – she was enjoying the feeling of being the king of the children.

He finally became a teacher. Two years later, the kindergarten has been revoked.

Then, she had “bought”, switched to a private kindergarten, back to her father  and said, building care with the roar of the way: “good state-owned enterprises, how to do, how to do retirement insurance.” But also can go with her What is done cannot be undone.. Until she came home to borrow money.

She said, to do their own kindergarten. She also asked me about the price in the local newspaper. She put nba jerseys all the money used to buy, to support their parents and friends, and mortgage the house, set together in the past study, work buddy, 8 students from the beginning, “now, small, small, mistress, plus care, dozens of children.”

Two years ago, I do not know what she can do, joined an international chain, go  abroad for training a few months back, commonly used has the word “nature” is “nature” to “release”.

“Our kindergarten advocate the nature, the toy, we advocate the cloth art, all is our teacher to make by hand. We also encourage children to do it with us by hand.” Lou Tingting slowly, sounds gentle and reliable.

She took me to visit her kindergarten, in the outdoor activities, I saw a teacher  is bending the waist and a little girl said what.

“I didn’t have to go to sleep first.” As we approached, still heard a little girl in the sob.

Building graceful shout her name, touch her head: “the morning of the toy is packed up quickly and neatly. The first of course is good, but if you can’t do everything well, like what, to do the same, also good.”

These words sound familiar, I want to hear to touch the girl’s head.