point brand, win membership envelopes red envelopes: this just, have friends bills pink jerseys just to share my double Ali internal entrance, three times the chance to get a big red envelope, I also pass the positive energy, to share with good friends. Inside the red envelope

2, Tmall Alipay red envelope: from November 1st to November 10th, as long as the user in the whole point of time, Tmall to treasure single recharge over 300 yuan, have participated in from 5 yuan to 1111 yuan Tmall consumption bonus opportunity. Tmall top rush to grab a red envelope entrance

3, Tmall T4 exclusive membership envelopes: usually shopping Master welfare, if obtained before October 31, 2014 Tmall T4 member, it is possible to obtain “T4 members’ red”. Tmall T4 exclusive membership red entrance

Strategy two: buy price weapon: the “October 10th preferential list jerseys from china” form

Ali internal staff use double eleven purchase price — a double 2014 “artifact” lists Excel form only rumors, Xiao Bian finally got a. What are you waiting for? Download it quickly to see it.

Site download address: Double 11 Tmall explosion preferential list (the latest version).Xls

Baidu SkyDrive download address:

Raiders three: advance collection, hoarding coupons

Double 11, but our own money can not blind spent! In advance to determine the good to buy goods, you can store in advance collection, and many shops have coupons robbed, late did not. Hoard coupons, anyway do not money. Xiao Bian gives a few major concessions entrance venue:

Raiders four: while the seller is not busy, consulting customer service in advance to avoid the peak

There are problems we must jerseys Free Shipping advance to ask the customer service Oh, do not wait until the two eleven, double eleven day rush,jerseys direct supply more people shopping, customer service system will all busy, smart friends will do consulting and collection of goods.

Raiders five: the use of deposit rules, when the deposit shot when the shot

Annual double eleven have many brands and products will be pre-sale activities. Pre-sale of goods, there is a part of the ladder price is the form, that is, the price of such goods according to the number of different orders, the more the number of orders the lower the price. Users buy pre-sale merchandise, photographed down payment, complete the payment, that is, booking success, down about 10% of the total price of the commodity, as long as the double the end of the day to complete the eleven payment. Tmall shall participate in the pre-sale businesses to provide goods activities must be through the reporting system, the pre-sale price shall not be higher than last month’s low price, or not through the declaration, this is largely to ensure the interests of consumers, if there is the eye, the price is right, but also immediately shot, maybe after this village is not this shop thing.

Raiders six: Computer tune good to eat, speed to ensure energy better

Activities do not wait, 11 days officially open grab. So, before this dinner must eat. It is best to buy food preparation, in the event that the 11:30 hungry in the middle of the night to go out foraging, back will find the edition Lining shoes, not hungry; hand shake, ZOPO big black C7 is gone. Secondly, the computer performance must be better, speed must be fast. If you still dial-up Internet, just buy a down jacket to consider what, go to Internet cafes package of online shopping. Finally, if you need to buy something more, keep shopping need more tension, suggest that you open first rest for a few hours before the robbery, but do remember to set a good alarm clock, don’t sleep too much, and finally you want early in someone else’s shopping cart!

Strategy seven: buy digital appliances, buy clothing

Double eleven words, a year so once. Double eleven how to buy favorite thing? If you really don’t understand, so simple point, you first according to expensive to buy, then cheap. For example, you want to buy zorp mobile phone digital products C7 Elite Edition, but also to buy clothing, then you can simply buy expensive. If you want to buy furniture, but also to buy home improvement supplies. Then you pick expensive buy, is so simple! Because missed this opportunity you may have to wait a year ah, expensive this time to buy more cost-effective ah!

Raiders eight: new shelves blink did not buy to pinch quasi time

Want good stuff is not so easy, all types of merchandise will be on day 11, this time a few new, you have to remember that the 11 day 0 points, 9 points, 12 points, 18 points, 21 points. Double eleven merchants will control in these five time period on the new, a lot of super cost-effective baby, will randomly appear in these time points limited shelves, you have to seize these few points, hurry to buy.

Raiders nine: concerned about the official micro Amoy, the first to get coupons

Micro Amoy products, Taobao’s new booming, more businesses are in the end – end Taobao wireless micro Amoy push coupons, discount information, so pay attention to the official micro Amoy timely access to your favorite sellers information is also a good choice.