Dolphin general is training with supermodel girlfriend beach to emulate Brady’s next game?

Remember the “backyard Training Act” when Tom Brady banned the four match in 2016? As a result, the Patriots staged an epic Super Bowl reversal. Now, this training method has been borrowed and upgraded by his former teammate Danny Amandora, the Beach Bikini Training Method.

Perhaps one of the reasons Amandora chose to accept a two-year, $12 million contract with the Dolphins of Miami this year is the pleasant Sunny Beach, where he had a two-man “secret training” with his supermodel girlfriend on Tuesday’s South China Sea beach.

Talking about her girlfriend Olivia Kulp, she is not as famous as Girls,Miami Dolphin jerseys but also the 2012 Miss Universe champion. She is also the first American to win this honor since 1997. In the gentle Miami sunshine, a white bikini highlights her delicate figure, while Amandora wears gray shorts that reveal the eight abdominal muscles of his league’s top outsider. In this way, two people began the “rigorous” beach training.

The receiver, of course, had to practice catching the ball, and Olivia showed off her rocket arm, though the ball was thrown irregularly… No mistake! A good foreign player needs to receive all kinds of difficult shots. Moreover, having such a hot girlfriend as a quarterback would enhance the tacit understanding between the outside receiver and the quarterback; imagine that when Amandola receives a pass from Tennessee, her mind is full of Olivia’s graceful posture. Is there a ball she can’t catch?

Then there’s some strength training. Uh… I heard that running in water is more capable of training core strength. Well, let’s go in. Olivia was lying on the back of Oman Dora jerseys, uh… This weight is just fine.

Three yards only 100 yards. Who cares?

The dolphins are 3 to 0. Who cares?

Four weeks after the patriot game, 7.5 points were still awarded. Who cares?


Danny Amandora, the two-time Super Bowl successor, is working hard in his own way, following Tom Brady’s example. At least in terms of finding a girlfriend, he did make a big step towards Brady.