The dolphins have urged fans to vote and try to legalize sports gambling in Florida.

The Miami Dolphins nfl jerseys want their fans to play sports reasonably and legally. Florida has recently drafted a state constitutional amendment to limit gambling and entertainment, and voted by the public to decide whether to formally enact the amendment. Once the amendment is enacted, Florida is likely to lose its rights to legalize sports betting. Obviously, as the most beloved team in Florida, the Miami Dolphins would never want to see their fans lose such an entertainment. To this end, the Dolphins made a popular move. They strongly opposed the reform and voted against the constitutional amendment, not only that. The team also released a twitter specifically to urge people to maintain legitimate gambling rights.

On Monday, the Miami Dolphins expressed concern on Twitter. The team said that if the bill was passed and implemented, it would keep sports betting out of Florida. Dolphins did not want to see that happen. In addition, another Florida NFL team, the Tampa Bay Pirates, is actively calling on fans to oppose the amendment. In fact, many legislators have pointed out that the amendment was decided by the result of the referendum of the whole state. If most people disagree, the result will be as expected.

Interestingly, despite the Miami dolphins’opposition to the bill, HardRock International, the dolphin’s home-court naming company, disagrees with the team, but HardRock International specifically clarifies that despite political differences, this does not affect the team’s commercial cooperation with the company.

Sports gambling is booming. Baltimore crows, Dallas cowboys, New York jets and raiders who are moving to Las Vegas are all working with casinos or gambling companies to try to divide up a cake from the gambling industry. Although the NFL Alliance has been steadfastly opposed to sports gambling for decades, this does not prevent NFL teams from cooperating with gambling companies in a regulatory business sponsorship. In addition, the NBA and NHL two major sports leagues have officially cooperated with gambling companies, which may shake the position of the NFL, after all, no one can get along with money.

With the current reform of federal regulations in the United States, many states have approved the legalization of cheap sports jerseys gambling, which makes many NFL teams taste the sweetness of sports gambling. Visible vested interests entice teams, and dolphins want to cooperate with the gambling industry in the future. Although Florida has no formal legislation to legalize sports gambling, according to relevant sources, the state government will consider this issue in 2019; but if the amendment is passed. So Florida basically lost that opportunity, so that’s why Miami dolphins opposed the amendment. But a referendum on a bill usually takes two years and requires enough people to participate, so let’s wait for time to answer all this for us.