The Minnesota Vikings took over the Helen: brig water made me.

The Adam Thielen has the opportunity to write history.

If he catches a hundred yards against the Saints this week, he will be the second player to catch a hundred yards in eight consecutive games and the first to catch a hundred yards in eight games in the opening season.

Who has done the most in the process of Sharon’s growth into such an excellent assistant?

Schillen thinks his former teammate, the former Viking player, is now the Saint’s substitute for Teddy Bridgewater.

“His influence, especially during his years here, was really big,” Schillen said in an interview. “I knew in my heart that I would not have grown up to be an outsider like I am today without Bridgewater.”

Bridji Wouter was the first show of the Minnesota Vikings jerseys in 2014. In the same year, Sai Lun was signed by the Vikings as a talent show.

Friendship soon developed between the two, and Schillen said Bridgewater often hosted outsiders to his hometown Miami during the off-season to train together.

“He can think outside of taking over, so it’s especially good to have him as a quarterback,” Schillen said. I remember last year, after the game, he would always find me and say to me,’Hey, it can be better here, it can be better there. I didn’t think of a lot of things, but he thought about it. It felt great.

Sharon gradually grew from the secret service team to an outside player who will take part in every attack. In 2017, he completed the first 1000 yard catcher season. In the same year, he selected All-Pro two and professional bowls. If there is no accident, it is only a matter of time before we win 1000 yards this year.

But Sharon will never forget Bridji Wouter’s influence.

“He is very special to me, and I will try to keep Adam Thielen jerseys sale in touch with him.” She said.