In my own life, I gradually found my good friends, although the Money is running on the road of character of different, almost all have the same features, they baylor bears basketball new jerseys friends can also play hard to get, put in the company, some are very serious people evaluate polarization. They both love to spend money, but also to make money, who can not stop their way to buy to buy the road, on the students, not a good type of old.But I was able to get them all, and they love me very much. Wanted to think, probably because I am legend: people with chicken.

For example, my friend A, she likes the money to bring a sense of security. So, she is very hard to baylor bears basketball new jerseys spend money, but also very hard to make money, but also from time to time to share with us (sell) her recent new things to buy. She has never complained about working overtime, seldom complain about the society, because she is not free.

Many people think that people like her, perhaps the family is not good enough, or is born to the material requirements are relatively high. But I know she’s not two.

A used to be a very thrifty girl, never concerned about fashion, the first time she was seen in baylor bears basketball new jerseys jeans. Her goal in life is to save money, and then looked at the number of books on the slow growth.

She said, she is now like this is thanks to me. She said to buy a house, I said yes barrie colts game worn jerseys ah, the right to buy the right to buy it. Pay the down payment, said no money to buy clothes, I said to my card, I lend you a little more slaves to wear beautiful flower. Finally the pressure is a little bit, she said to buy a car, I said, quick to buy it, your life in particular need a car!

She said that her life is a word: will spend money, will make money. And I witnessed how baylor bears basketball new jerseys successful she turned inspirational sister, a girl without a college degree, how to use their own efforts, three years to buy a house in Shenzhen.

Why do I want to encourage her to spend money, because the love of money to let her become a very perfunctory of life, could save the province, the mask affixed, even Cleansing Cream are too lazy to use, prided himself a born beauty. But I know, in her heart, it’s a person with a very strong little cosmic energy.

For a girl like her, I think her secret recipe is to encourage her to buy. Because she is pregnant with, draw pie. So I was on her transformation, is from the shopping began.

Instead of encouraging her to spend money, I’m trying to help her find a reason to work hard.

Every reason to spend money, in fact, is a power to make money.

Every time to raise the cost of level, in fact, is to enhance their efforts to target.

Once, she was talking to me. She asked me: like you don’t love money, every day is full of baylor bears basketball new jerseys blood, is what you strive for motivation?

I said, at the beginning, the motivation comes from I want to prove myself. Later, because of this life, I really want to do something about this world, I love this world. She said: “it’s more than I do,” she said!

She’s right. The difference between us is that, compared to the big house, luxury car, I prefer to spend money to travel, go to class, to meet with friends. Compared to luxury, I prefer to buy a design sense of the brand, I prefer to eat a big meal with my family. I like to spend money to enrich the experience of life, do not want baylor bears basketball new jerseys to spend money to show how rich they are.

I also have a lot of friends in the countryside reality, they moved to love the city life, open a small home on the outskirts of the city, or open a small coffee shop. But, before that, they were desperately trying hard to run.

They have accumulated enough contacts and enough experience, and sure enough, to a certain baylor bears basketball new jerseys time, decided to love their own way to live. This down, because the ideal is rooted in their hearts, never really left them.

Not to enter the WTO, not enough to talk about the birth of.

Money is the engine running on the road, the ideal is to run on the road of the wings.

I understand all the people who work for money, but I appreciate the people who have the ideal to work hard.

People are always trying to break through what, lazy, comfortable.

Each person determined to make money the reason is different, some people baylor bears basketball new jerseys figure is the family safe, some people figure is no longer panic the future, some people, love map is better, some people figure is to live better than her ex boyfriend, some people figure is to prove himself. This is the motive.

No motivation, no love of people, often will drift into a useless person. Because they do not know this life, lazy or not lazy, comfortable or uncomfortable, there will be no big difference.

Yesterday I saw a reader’s message, in the heart is very moving – you think he is very hard, but for him, it may be a kind of enjoyment.

A few days ago my father told me: at the beginning, if you go back to do a baylor bears basketball new jerseys steady job, which is hard as it is now. Yes, I was also in the twenties, only to find that the strict requirements of my parents, in fact, I do not have a very high expectations.

So, I know I am not early in order to meet the expectations of their parents and live, I was trying for myself, all this hard work, I have long been accustomed to, I can’t even imagine, no effort should be how to live.