What interesting things happened today in NFL? Let’s have a look:

Addie ray West a few days ago cheap nfl jerseys to $5 million 550 thousand a year, security in the amount of $2 million 850 thousand to join the Seattle Seahawks, and up to $two million bonus amount, and today we learned that the Seattle Seahawks said that Tracy kept fat, but they are in the Rethy contract terms added up to the $385 thousand bonus to lose weight, motivate the great running back to lose weight, keep in good condition.

If each of the West weighing can reach the contract stipulated in the weight of the number of words, ray will receive a $55 thousand bonus. Of course, the Seahawks for Lei Xi target weight for the running back is difficult, simply hold out their appetite Rethy in order to earn the money, must work hard. In May, he had to weigh up to 255 pounds, and from June to August, the West needed to maintain a weight of less than 250 pounds, and to enter the race month, from September to November, ray must maintain a weight of 245 pounds. Want to get rid of so much meat is not easy, there is news that the current Rethy weight up to 267 pounds (122KG), the 180CM ray West is too heavy, the weight for player’s knee and ankle impact.

Lei Xi 2013 from University of Alabama in NFL only 231 pounds, after the two season, weight increased to 240 pounds of Lei Xi played the best performance of his career, obviously the Seahawks manager Peter Carol is superstitious this number.

“We really want him to be big and strong, and we want him to be big and rough. However, I still want wholesale nfl jerseys him to maintain the best condition, so that he can become more powerful, can become more persistent, this is his 235 pound draft weight, but later he became larger, 240 pounds, is that he is very strong, so now we hope that he can have 240 pounds.” Peter Carol said.

But Carol also said that the West should not be more training, because he recovered from an ankle sprain. The weight is very important for Leixi, 2013 and 2014 at a weight of 240 pounds Rethy completed two thousand yards season, then in 2015, weighed 250 pounds more than the state Rethy fell significantly, although the 2016 Rethy has weight loss, but his ankle in the long term load finally unable to support. So Carol’s request is very sensible, the terms of the contract can also help Lei has a greater motivation to lose weight.

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