Graduation year, I lost My Columbia broncos atwater jerseys myself. Lose application summary nothing. Self esteem, future, love, career, seeing them a little bit from my hands. In order to and EX together, I gave up the hand of Paul research, work is not good to find, casually in Tianjin, Tanggu Global IELTS mixed down. I have no face to see the students, just know that in the last second times the whole grade Party, the students have to go to the big brother read education, has got a full scholarship to Wisconsin to read communication, go to France Paris high school reading of the economy, to the Ministry of foreign affairs, a security research, a pubmed… But, I have nothing. During the meeting everyone talked about the future, asked me when my trembling hand holding his glass, to my teacher taught me two years of intensive reading, watching me reading a road in the first grade teacher said, my biggest ideal is to become our class most early married people. I saw the teacher’s eyes, all disappointed, all disappointed. I tried to get drunk, trying to forget their failure under the influence of alcohol. Last class party, I didn’t go. Later, a small three appeared, she easily snatched with me for nearly 5 years of boyfriend.

Before I knew my husband, I was a cowardly and vain woman. My TOEIC was nearly out, but I went to the two even the cleaning face did not go, because I had a boyfriend told me, a Book (he in my own research research after abandoning the), a work, it is impossible for long. I know I love reading, but I have no courage to grind, from small to large are walks I don’t allow myself to participate in the entrance examination, I think this is an insult to me. So, what I have not, I dare not home and say these things had to deceive the home that I read a graduate student in Nankai, I do not. Cowardice and vanity let me only in the self anesthesia and deception family get a trace of survival courage, for a long time, I want to die. Go on the road in Tianjin heavy traffic, more than once I think, if cheap price for nba jerseys the car hit me, I have no more pain. As I bathed, the water of the tap washed away my tears, and I tried to recall what I had done in the past few years, but I had nothing but vanity and deceit. When sleeping, always have nightmares, always dreamed of the class to go to the movies, watching the people are gone, only me, I don’t know where they are going, there is always a sound in the ears, which school are you in. Up to now, I have not hate EX, I was not to fight for the consequences, blame others, this society is so realistic.

I finally understand that the former schoolmates sincere words and earnest wishes of the word, not for a man to give up his compromise, because most of the time, you can not be wronged perfection. Unfortunately, I understand too late. This is your chance, not to fight, he will go, academic, career, even if the man, too. Nothing, destined to belong to you all my life.

I’m not good in Global IELTS teaching, although I have good relations with the students, we break to eat together, even under the class a student will use bicycle to take me back to the dormitory, when class, a male student gave me a book written by him, wrote the title page, give me the most love the teacher Sasa, you are in my heart forever is the best firstsha. later, the students went to Cambridge. I was full of sad, we are the same age ah, is the third and fourth to fly around the world show their peers. But I was so, every day watching my students flew away, flew to LSE, flew to Cambridge, Oxford imperial Polytechnic, flew to Sydney, Melbourne, and I, still motionless, and even have been retrograde. Finally one day, I in the classroom can not be passionate about things they IELTS writing, reading, watching my students a fly, quit Huan Ya each month nearly 10000 work herself to home review GRE. At the moment, I feel, I was abandoned by the world.

Too depressed to write my rest, write again, every mention of events like the scars a piece off, and the scar is full of blood, pus. God knows I’m still crying when I beat these words.

Trying to calm down, from the past grief immersed sober back, only to find that in the past, all nightmares. Since the head, I went on nba jerseys at best discount to write it, it is an account of their own graduation in recent years.

Graduation that year, I became unemployed youth, squatting every day at home eating red book. At that time, the red book for me, no pain, because when a thing you want all the time, it will no longer be painful. I got a freelance job and earned some money without going to work. You know, it is dark in the individual company’s boss, I have top quality for cheap nba jerseys not signed the labor contract, translation of 1000 characters is about 30 or 40 yuan, I quickly, the quality of nature is the best, in those cheap hiring people so the boss put all liberal arts translation to me do, sometimes, can occasionally get some chemical paint translation, a month about more than 4 thousand. At that time very grateful to the boss, every day to give people day and night translation, because I want to catch up with the progress,