3 personal tackling defense tough NCAA Rugby young Chinese usher in new challenges

Beijing time September 30th, the American university rugby tournament will open a new week’s contest. What challenges will Chinese jerseys Taylor Young League play?

Last week, against Arizona State University, Manny Wilkins, a passing maniac, Washington University second-line defense played extraordinarily tough, as one of Taylor Rapp completed three personal grasps, four times with teammates to the opponent down. And most importantly, Lap led the defensive second line so that the previous two completed 721 yard pass Wilkins completely into the fear of passing. Wilkins only received 104 yards in the 27 pass 17, plus 4 shots 13 yards 1. The air connection has not been able to open up the situation, which has forced the inefficient Arizona State University runner-up team to shoulder the burden of 35 strokes, harvest, 152 yards, will pass. But the 60 point offense is hardly a threat to University of Washington, the 11 seed. 27-20, University of Washington entered the competition this week with three winning streak.

This week, the University of Washington’s Husky team will play 20 seed Brigham Young at 8:30 a.m. Beijing time on September 30. Unlike Manny Wilkins, Brigham Young’s main quarterback, Tanner Mangham, is definitely not a traditional pocket quarterback. In the past four games, Mangham has passed 612 yards despite the team’s 3-1 record. Plus Brigham Young’s versatile running tactics, Taylor may have to show scouts some undetectable abilities in the game, such as on-the-spot judgment and defense.

Brigham Young averages nearly eight people in each game, and it’s particularly difficult for any NCAA team jerseys in the country to accurately determine who’s going to take the ball for each offense. Such a complicated situation will test the ability of rap to be the judge of the tour. On the other hand, the University of Brigham Young’s batting offense occupies a large proportion, passing offense is more like a cover features, so that Taylor-Rapp needs to complete more in this game to run-and-grab task. Although this is not the job Taylor is familiar with, but as long as you do it, it will definitely help Taylor’s draft market.