Jin Bao: even if there is only one person, I will not give up football.

The first time I met football was during the winter vacation of 2010, when I was a basketball fan in the second year of junior high school, watching NBA games every day. One day, suddenly found the broadcast of rugby game, Super Bowl: Pony vs saint.

The game was explained by Shao Shengyi and Guo Aibing. Although I couldn’t understand it, there were nfl sports jerseys two scenes that made me very deep: one was the Saints’tactical kick in the second half, and the players on both sides were throwing to the ground to grab the ball; the other was that the commentator had just said that Peyton Manning of Pony Madrid was the same as the NFL god, and Big Manning was intercepted back to attack. Array…

I was fascinated by this strange sport, but when I mentioned it to my friends, they didn’t know it. Besides, I had a lot of schoolwork in junior high school and high school, so I didn’t know it completely.

Until I went to college, I had more time of my own to look up the rules of nfl football jerseys and watch live replays of games. But when I talked with my classmates about this sport, they were not interested in it. They thought what it meant to bump into it.

Up to now, none of my friends has been able to play this sport with me.

Later, I learned that a set of equipment for rugby was more expensive, “Poverty makes me smart.” I bought a rugby for 80 yuan and went to the football field every night with the ball in my hand to run and throw it. Although I could not run fast and throw it not far, I was happy.

Only in March of this year did I realize that there was a rugby club in Shenyang: the hunters. I came from Liaoyang, but I went to school in Jinzhou. I wanted to join the club after learning about the Shenyang Hunters. I took an hour’s train to the scene. Shenyang Hunter vs. Tianjin Black Fan was the first time I saw an American football match on the spot. I was deeply moved.

Because I still go to school and want to join the hunters after graduation. Some time ago, cheap sports jerseys I saw on the Internet that Shenyang was going to hold a waist flag rugby game. I signed up without a small partner and was randomly assigned to the adult group.

My teammates are all members of the Shenyang hunters, nervous, excited and looking forward to it. I never played rugby with anybody else. For the first time, I got together and when the outsider I sprinted straight on the court again and again, waiting for my teammates to pass the ball to me.

Although it is a temporary team, we will not give up. Moreover, although my personal level is limited, my teammates have encouraged me very much, and let me continue. I am very happy to be able to participate in rugby matches and know some hunters.

Let me throw the ball from a lonely person every day, really realize the fun of this team sport, but I didn’t give up.