A newspaper Never say wholesaler in the United States put up for cheap nike nba jerseys never an ad: “a dollar to buy a luxury car”. Harry saw the ad: “half believe and half doubt today not fool ah!” However, he is still holding a dollar, according to the address provided on the newspaper to find.

In front of a very beautiful villa, Harry knocked on the door.

A noble young woman opened the door for him, he had come, young Harry to the garage, pointing to a new luxury cars said: “well, this is it.”

The first thought in Harry’s mind was: “it’s a bad car.” He said, “madam, may I try it on?”

“Of course you can!” So Harry drove around in a circle.

This car is not stolen?” Harry asked to experience the car, young woman holding for him.

So Harry paid a dollar. When he drove away, he was still supply replica nba jerseys baffled. He said, “can you tell me why, madam?”

The young woman sighed and said, “well, to tell you the truth, this is my husband’s legacy. He left all his legacy to me, only the car belonged to his mistress. But he gave me the right to sell the car in his will, and the money he gave to his mistress – so I decided to sell it.

Harry see light suddenly, he went home happily with the car. On the way, Harry met his friend, Tom. Curious, Tom asked about the origin of the car. When Harry finished, Tom fell to the ground and said, “Oh, God, I saw this ad a week ago!”

Anything can happen. Even those who can not believe the miracle, how can a miracle?

There are always some people in life who are not active in the future. They are not in the turbulent days of bumps too long, is in even time lingering too deep. Not despair, is lazy, in the idea, not cowardice, is nothing. The turmoil confusion spirit, beliefs will be scattered in confusion; and in the home for too long, will inevitably forget the way home.

Since the establishment of the impasse, more often than to live an even more formidable. The world’s biggest impasse is: in the hope before the arrival of despair has come; in May before the arrival of the “impossible” had arrived.

In fact, many places are often not people can not, but not to the heart. Only on the ground of heart life must be with the cyclotron, behind others. One way, when their only previous go, repeat out. Affordable philosophy of life, are often able to choose to be jerseys at nba best discount able to think, to do. This seems to avoid the risk, but also blocked the vast road leading to it.

Life is whirling, it gives you some, also take some, make you happy for a while, also let you suffer a. The fantastic thing is, seemingly calm, but let everyone have a different.

Optimistic people, always limited in the life out of the infinite, because they are more likely to see hope in despair, in the impossible to capture the possible. Hope seems slim, but fell in the depths of time. It is motionless, waiting, waiting to meet the person and the nature of tough and bright. When you give up, maybe it is because it is with you in deep sorrow, only zhichizhiyao. A lot of good life, not to wait, but often miss.

Sometimes, too much negative thoughts, we will be kidnapped. Let us First impressions are strongest hint in denial of their own, more righteous. If you are used to standing in the courtyard, you might as well walk on the roof. Not only because the roof of the wind is bigger, more cool, it is important that you will suddenly open eyes, see the garden can not see the scenery.

Unfortunately, some people have not given their own life on the roof of the opportunity. They have been imprisoned for too long, too deep in the heart yard. The beauty of life, they have no chance to see.