The giant traded the first round April to saints.

(Patrick Peterson) had previously expressed an interest in joining the Saints, and although New Orleans Saints jerseys has yet to sell him, they have traded for another corner guard.

According to the ESPN correspondent Adam Schefter, the giant will trade the original first round of Eli Apple to the saints, and the saints will send out a four-round ticket for 2019 and a seven-round ticket for 2020.

Eple’s giant career has come to a temporary end. The 1.85-meter-tall, 91-kg-weight corner guard was selected by the Giants as No. 10 in the first round in 2016. He did well in the rookie season, but then did not complete the stable play, 2017 off-season began, trading rumors have emerged. Last December, Landon Collins, the security guard, even called his teammates “cancer.”

Ipper has played five games this season and missed two games with a groin injury, finishing 23 grasps and five passes. Pro Football Focus is classified as alliance corner guard fifty-fifth.

The saints have been looking for the first corner guard who can work with Marshon Lattimore. (Ken Crawley) is currently performing poorly, ranking only 105th in the PFF rankings.

It’s not Peterson, but Epple can still improve the saints’Eli Apple jerseys for sale second-line defense, and that’s his chance to cash in on his talent again.