Dez Bryant laceration of Achilles tendon or season reimbursement

The new job of Dez Bryant has not really started yet, and it may be coming to an end.

Dez Bryant’s injury has touched the hearts of fans. According to sources, the New Orleans Saints’outsider has torn his Achilles tendon during training and is now facing an eight-month rehabilitation period. He just found a new job on Friday, and the first training session was so serious.

With Dez Bryant jerseys cheap absent for eight months, if Bryant officially declares his season reimbursement, the 30-year-old outsider’s hope of reviving his career will shrink again, and the saints will have to find other ways to strengthen the offensive team in order to have greater hope of hitting the second Super Bowl in team history.

The long recovery period may have enabled Dez to start looking forward to next year’s game, when he will be a free agent again. On Friday afternoon, Dewey Dez wrote on twitter that it was an “ultimate test.”

“For me, things are just getting better. I don’t doubt others. It’s the last test for me. Thank you for praying for me.” It’s a big blow for Dez. The 30-year-old outsider has been looking for a new owner for most of the season and refused Raven’s invitation to join a championship team in the off-season. So he wants to continue his career and be enthusiastic. This injury may make him think about retirement. At the same time, the Saints lost an outsider, damaging the team’s desire to strengthen the offensive, they wanted to solicit Dez to attack the second Super Bowl trophy.

The Saints activated outgoing rookie Keith Kirkwood after Dez was injured. There are also reports that New Orleans Saints jerseys online the Saints might consider former professional bowl taker Brandon Marshall. Before signing Dez, veteran Camar Iken impressed the coach in training.