Bryant, a former cowboy alien, signed a contract with saints for a year.

According to Ian Rapoport and Jane Slater, the former denim takeover Dez Bryant jerseys signed a one-year contract with the saints. Bryant, 30, was laid off by the cowboys in April this year: he was an all-star player in the league in 2014, but after signing a fat contract with the cowboys in 2015, the data fell sharply, and the number of catches in a single season did not exceed 900 yards.

How much improvement and change Bryant will bring to the luxury offensive team that already has (Michael Thomas), (Alvin Kamara) and (Mark Ingram) plus (Drew Brees) deserves our expectation. What is even more interesting is that Bryant will play the old cowboy in the thirteenth week competition with the saints.

But in the past few seasons, Bryant’s ability has dropped considerably. But he himself attributed the decline of data to the tactical arrangement of cowboy garbage. The cowboy uniform group is convinced that Bryant’s physical deterioration after the 2015 season is the main reason.

Objectively speaking, Bryant obviously can’t get the same tactical status as the New Orleans Saints new Player jerseys Cowboys before the saints attacking system, but if Bryant can occasionally play in the 2012-2014 season, the dream of chasing the second championship for saints and Briss will be closer and closer.